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Check Dam

Check Dam [China]

Check dam refers to dam that constructed in the gullies or river ways and the height of the dam is often lower than 5m.

  • Compiler: Haiyan WEI
Bench terraces on loess soil

Bench terraces on loess soil [China]

A Terrace is a structural SLM practice with a raised flat platform built on the slope to reduce soil loss and runoff on the slope, increase the rainfall infiltration and yield.

  • Compiler: Fei WANG

Terrace [China]

A terrace is a kind of measure to change the slope, which has a raised bank of earth or stone with vertical or sloping sides and a approximately flat top.

  • Compiler: Meili WEN
Auto-Flowing Slurry Dam

Auto-Flowing Slurry Dam [China]

Auto-flowing slurry dams is filled with dense slurry by water flow from upland to maintain eroded soil particles and runoff.

  • Compiler: Yan ZHANG
Small Watershed Comprehensive Development

Small Watershed Comprehensive Development [China]

Controlling a small watershed comprehensively with structural, vegetative, management, and agronomic measures based on harvesting area of ground water and underground water, to improve the production and conservation of land.

  • Compiler: Jun XIA
Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures

Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures [China]

The technology combines the integration of native tree species into rubber monocultures with changed weed management to mitigate negative environmental impacts and to provide alternative income options for farmers.

  • Compiler: Gerhard Langenberger
Biogas Digester for Biomass Energy

Biogas Digester for Biomass Energy [China]

By established facilities and use organic matter of animal manure, human waste, plant straw for anaerobic fermentation to produce inflammable biogas for uses of lighting, cooking with the residue liquid and dreg for high quality organic fertilizer.

  • Compiler: Yaolin Wang