Tree planting campaign [Bahamas]

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Reporting Entity: Bahamas

Completeness: 37%

General Information

General Information

Title of best practice:

Tree planting campaign



Reporting Entity:



Prevailing land use in the specified location

  • Human settlement

Contribution to Desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) measures

  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation


Section 1. Context of the best practice: frame conditions (natural and human environment)

Short description of the best practice

Native trees were planted in public areas to promote the advantages of these trees and encourage further plantings on the island.


Nassau, The Bahamas|

Estimated population living in the location:


Brief description of the natural environment within the specified location.

Predominantly disturbed land
Predominantly low and flat, with wetland areas.
The land is flat, low laying soil of limestone. The soil is alkaline, usually in the range 7.5 t0 8.5.|

Prevailing socio-economic conditions of those living in the location and/or nearby

US$29,700 per capita (based on purchasing power parity as estimated in 2009).   |
i. Tourism
ii. Banking & financial services
Most land on the island is privately owned; there are some areas of Government land and Crown Land.

Section 2. Problems addressed (direct and indirect causes) and objectives of the best practice

Main problems addressed by the best practice

-Lack of awareness and knowledge about trees and selection of trees to protect land and coastal areas

Outline specific land degradation problems addressed by the best practice

- Combating land vulnerability and erosion

Specify the objectives of the best practice

i. Increased awareness and knowledge

Section 3. Activities

Brief description of main activities, by objective

i. Site selection
ii. Tree selection & sourcing


Section 6. Adoption and replicability

Can you identify the three main conditions that led to the success of the presented best practice/technology?

Political will


In your opinion, the best practice/technology you have proposed can be replicated, although with some level of adaptation, elsewhere?


At which level?
  • Local
  • Sub-national
  • National
  • Subregional
  • Regional
  • International

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