Broom grass cultivation to prevent soil erosion in sloping area [Lao People's Democratic Republic]


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1. General information

1.2 Contact details of resource persons and institutions involved in the assessment and documentation of the Approach

Name of project which facilitated the documentation/ evaluation of the Approach (if relevant)
Scaling-up SLM practices by smallholder farmers (IFAD)
Name of the institution(s) which facilitated the documentation/ evaluation of the Approach (if relevant)
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) - Lao People's Democratic Republic

1.3 Conditions regarding the use of data documented through WOCAT

When were the data compiled (in the field)?


The compiler and key resource person(s) accept the conditions regarding the use of data documented through WOCAT:


2. Description of the SLM Approach

2.3 Photos of the Approach

2.5 Country/ region/ locations where the Approach has been applied


Lao People's Democratic Republic

Region/ State/ Province:

Ta-oy district, Salavan province

Further specification of location:

Chorlaveing village

6. Impact analysis and concluding statements

6.4 Strengths/ advantages of the Approach

Strengths/ advantages/ opportunities in the land user’s view
Broom grass roots penetrate deeply into the the soil and are able to hold the soil together leading to prevent soil erosion.
In this region other plants and crops can be intercropped within the Broom grass cultivation area.
Broom grass improves the income for household.
Strengths/ advantages/ opportunities in the compiler’s or other key resource person’s view
Broom grass can reduces surface runoff during heavy rains.
Detritus of broom grass increases the biomass on topsoil and promotes organic matter and nutrients for the plants.

6.5 Weaknesses/ disadvantages of the Approach and ways of overcoming them

Weaknesses/ disadvantages/ risks in the land user’s view How can they be overcome?
Broom grass roots can expand extensively and can result in competition with other crops, respectively the roots may invade soil space for inter-cropping. Attentive and good management by cutting some parts of them
Broom grass on a sloping terrain may make it difficult to maintain and harvest the crop.

7. References and links

7.1 Methods/ sources of information

  • field visits, field surveys

1 time

  • interviews with land users

2 persons

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