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Establishment of improved orchards and vineyards

Establishment of improved orchards and vineyards [Afghanistan]

Local and new varieties of fruits are planted on degraded land in accordance with improved management practices. The established orchards and vineyards serve double purpose of soil protection and income generation for the rural households. The alfalfa under the trees supports tree growth and is used for livestock fodder.

  • Compiler: Bettina Wolfgramm
Marshy land transformed into productive land

Marshy land transformed into productive land [Bangladesh]

Marshy land is transformed into a ridge and ditch area, where the ridges are wide enough for the nursery of diverse plants and seedlings and where after 6-8 years the yearly management practices the land got strong enough for various agricultural practices (i.e. guava, hog plum, plums and timber wood ...

  • Compiler: Rahatul Islam
Hill Agroforestry

Hill Agroforestry [Bangladesh]

Mixed fruits gardening on hill slope with forest trees on hill top and bamboo at the lower part of the hill.

  • Compiler: Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
Soil Conservation Through Bench Terrace Technology in Highly Degradable Hilly Slopy Areas of Bangladesh

Soil Conservation Through Bench Terrace Technology in Highly ... [Bangladesh]

Bench terraces are a soil and water conservation measure used on sloping land with relatively deep soils to retain water and control erosion. They are normally constructed by cutting and filling to produce a series of level steps or benches. This allows water to infiltrate slowly into the soil. Bench ...

  • Compiler: Md Babul Hossain
Dynamic agroforestry systems

Dynamic agroforestry systems [Bolivia, Plurinational State of]

Dynamic agroforestry systems are highly diversified farming systems which go through the different phases of the natural succession, from pioneer plant dominated stages up to primary trees dominated stages, were the different strata are used for different crops, and where pruning and selective weeding enhances the dynamic development of plant ...

  • Compiler: Johanna Jacobi
Production de légumes à Boulmiougou

Production de légumes à Boulmiougou [Burkina Faso]

Dans le bas-fond inondable de Boulmiougou, des planches de légumes sont produites dans un système agroforestier, et irrigués par l’eau de puits creusés à la main par des arrosoirs ou des motopompes.

  • Compiler: Stefan Graf
Vallerani System

Vallerani System [Burkina Faso]

A special tractor-pulled plow that constructs micro-catchments. It combines the traditional techniques of rainwater harvesting with mechanization for large scale land rehabilitation.

  • Compiler: Sabina Galli Vallerani
Parkland Agroforestry System

Parkland Agroforestry System [Burkina Faso]

Parklands are the traditional agroforestry systems of semi-arid West Africa or Sahel where naturally growing, valuable trees are protected and nurtured on cropping and grazing lands

  • Compiler: Unknown User