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Courbes de niveau

Courbes de niveau [Burundi]

Association des barrières en travers de la pente (fossés anti-érosifs), des herbes fixatrices , des plants agroforestiers et des animaux pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et le bien-être social.

  • Compiler: Salvator Ndabirorere
Cashew living fences

Cashew living fences [Cambodia]

Living fences of cashew, reinforced with bamboo and/or barbed wire, are used to keep the cattle off the garden or the rice seedbed.

  • Compiler: Stefan Graf
Using slurry from biodigester for soil improvement

Using slurry from biodigester for soil improvement [Cambodia]

Biodigester slurry sourced from cow manure is used as an important natural fertilizer for the cultivation of crops. It is a form of organic fertilizer that is thoroughly decomposed, does not have an awful smell, or contain living weed seeds, fungi and other viruses. It can also be used immediately ...

  • Compiler: Nary Lay
Improved orchard with an integrated farming system

Improved orchard with an integrated farming system [Cambodia]

The integrated farming system (IFS) includes basically the mixture of different farming components like crops, fruit tree cultivation, fish and livestock husbandry on the same farm plot. IFS help significantly to improve soil quality and crop production by using a minimum of external agricultural inputs.

  • Compiler: Sok Pheak
Alliance Farming

Alliance Farming [Cameroon]

Alliance farming refers to collaboration between crop farmers and pastoralists, who agree to use the same land and related resources (crop residues as fodder for pastoralists; dung as fertilizer for crop farmers) for their mutual benefit.

  • Compiler: Blasius Azuhnwi

Lombricultura [Ecuador]

Tecnología que consiste en la transformación de los desechos (residuos) orgánicos (estiércol, restos de plantas, etc) en humus, mediante la cría intensiva de lombriz de tierra y la actividad natural de microorganismos. Con esta técnica se genera humus orgánico solido o líquido que sirve para la producción agroecológica u orgánica ...

  • Compiler: Pablo Caza
Calcareous soils management

Calcareous soils management [Egypt]

Managing calcareous soils through combined structural measures and chemical amendments methods for improving soil productivity and reduce land degradation

  • Compiler: Daniel Danano Dale
Integrated Farm Land Conservation

Integrated Farm Land Conservation [Ethiopia]

Integrated Farm Land Conservation (IFLC) comprises of farm terrace (bund) construction, construction of drainage structures, bund stabilization and livestock exclosure,

  • Compiler: Yismaw Wuletaw