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High-altitude afforestation for erosion control

High-altitude afforestation for erosion control [Armenia]

Afforestation is a key technologies to protect soil against erosion and provide a wide range of ecosystem services. In this case, afforestation at high altitudes, which is particularly challenging, with the primary purpose of erosion control were planted in small patches with different methods. They form the basis for future ...

  • Compiler: Hanns Kirchmeir
Assisted Natural Regeneration

Assisted Natural Regeneration [Bangladesh]

Assisted natural regeneration (ANR) is a simple, low-cost forest restoration method that can effectively convert deforested lands to more productive forests.

  • Compiler: Fazlay Arafat
Zaï forestier

Zaï forestier [Burkina Faso]

Les zaï forestier est une technique de réhabilitation des terres dans le but de régénérer la végétation.

  • Compiler: Sounkali SERME

Afforestation [Cape Verde]

Afforestation is one of the key technologies to address the fragility of ecosystems: it provides better protection against erosion and makes better use of rainfall in order to maintain the sustainability of agricultural systems.

  • Compiler: Jacques Tavares
Reforestación Protectora

Reforestación Protectora [Colombia]

Reforestación activa y pasiva gracias a la plantación de especies arbóreas y a la exclusión de pastoreo en el area. Esta tecnología se diseña e implementa con el objetivo de proteger las zonas de recarga del acuífero del Municipio de Morroa, Sucre, Colombia.

  • Compiler: Luisa F. Vega
Afforestation and Hillside Terracing

Afforestation and Hillside Terracing [Eritrea]

Tree plantations in combination with hillside terracing to protect upper catchment areas are a widespread technology in the Central and Northern Highland Zone of Eritrea.

  • Compiler: Eyob Zeremariam