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Joint forest management

Joint forest management [India]

Joint forest management is a community based program developed in collaboration with the forest department for the protection and management of local forests while providing incentives to the local communities with political and institutional support from the state.

  • Compiler: Sumana Datta
Participatory Sustainable Rural Livelihood Approach

Participatory Sustainable Rural Livelihood Approach [India]

Participatory Sustainable Rural Livelihood Approach adopts participatory tools for livelihood situational analysis of the five capitals(Physical, Financila,Social, Human and Natural) and prepare livelihood focussed micro plan with the commuity for sustai

  • Compiler: Niranjan Sahu
Community Forest Management in the Nakina Van Panchayat

Community Forest Management in the Nakina Van Panchayat [India]

Van Panchayats or village forest councils are a impressive example of grassroots community management of natural resources, where a specific administrative unit is locally elected by community members who are responsible for the management of activities related to the forest.

  • Compiler: Jaclyn Bandy
Naula Management and Conservation

Naula Management and Conservation [India]

Naulas are shallow, four-sided stepped wells designed to collect water from subterranean seepages or springs and are used to meet domestic water needs by the local communities. Naula management and conservation encompasses a range of activities that preserve their structure and function.

  • Compiler: Jaclyn Bandy
Paddy Field Terrace

Paddy Field Terrace [Indonesia]

Subak : Organization established by farmers to maintain irrigation systems, paddy field terrace, and irrigation water distribution.

  • Compiler: Philippe Zahner
Carbon farming

Carbon farming [Italy]

Managing land, water, plants and animals to meet the landscape restoration, climate change and food security.

  • Compiler: Nicola Dal Ferro