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Seminomadic individual herding

Seminomadic individual herding [Tajikistan]

Pasture management by a single herder, assisted either by an employee or by his own grandchildren, in collaboration with the habitants of the nearby village Karsang.

  • Compiler: Christian Wirz
Cluster Level Pasture User Union

Cluster Level Pasture User Union [Tajikistan]

Pasture User Unions (PUUs) at cluster level is consolidating several communities to jointly plan and implement pasture and livestock management related interventions. This approach is supporting to cover big area of pasture lands, which is used by several communities and do not have physical boundaries to define. Therefore joint planning ...

  • Compiler: Askarsho Zevarshoev
District Wheat Seed Association

District Wheat Seed Association [Tajikistan]

The Seed Association was established with the aims of improving the living conditions, food security, land management and crop rotation systems in irrigated and rain fed areas. The Seed association in Muminabad is registered at a district level and coordinates the activities of the farmers and members.

  • Compiler: Sa'dy Odinashoev
Village school participation and involvement

Village school participation and involvement [Tajikistan]

A competitive tendering process for project grant money to implement identified SLM practices within a community, and on completion of the implementation activities the village school will be assigned ownership and responsibility for the maintenance and sustainability.

  • Compiler: Daler Domullojonov
Water User Association

Water User Association [Tajikistan]

Management and control of the water distribution, maintenance of the infrastructure and water conflict resolution by the locally organized association

  • Compiler: Sa'dy Odinashoev
Saving harvest of the orchards through drying

Saving harvest of the orchards through drying [Tajikistan]

Gardeners in different ways store apples, pears, pomegranates, grapes and nuts for winter, but the main part of the harvest used for the animals. Proposed approach help land users to save all the harvest using drying methods.

  • Compiler: Kamolidin Abdulloev