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Agroforestry-intercropping of peanut  between cashew nut trees in upland areas

Agroforestry-intercropping of peanut between cashew nut trees in ... [Cambodia]

Intercropping of annual cropping (peanut) with cashew trees farm aims to fill the free space of land between cashew trees. This kind of crop cover prevents soil erosion and improves soil fertility. At the same time peanut cultivation is economically interesting for the farmers as it enjoys high market demand.

  • Compiler: Navin Chea
Home Garden (Pomelo, Lemon, Supplementary Crops)

Home Garden (Pomelo, Lemon, Supplementary Crops) [Cambodia]

This technology involves the cultivation of crops around the house, including pomelos, lemons and other supplementary crops, with solely the application of cattle and chicken manure as fertilizer, whilst abstaining from the use of chemicals. The purpose of this technology is to obtain various products, generate a household income especially ...

  • Compiler: Be Gechkim
Forest Beekeeping

Forest Beekeeping [Cameroon]

Apiculture (beekeeping) is a traditional practice providing a high number of non-timber forest products.

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Alliance Farming

Alliance Farming [Cameroun]

Alliance farming refers to collaboration between crop farmers and pastoralists, who agree to use the same land and related resources (crop residues as fodder for pastoralists; dung as fertilizer for crop farmers) for their mutual benefit.

  • Compiler: Blasius Azuhnwi
Le verger permaculturel de miracle farms

Le verger permaculturel de miracle farms [Canada]

Un verger, planté avec différentes espèces fruitières et fixatrices d'azote alternés dans les rang, est conduit sans pésticides, grace a une diversité d'espèces végétales (plantes aromatiques, mellifères) qui de plus attirent une diversité animale.

  • Compiler: Stefan Graf

Dams [Cape Verde]

Infrastructure of stone, mortar and concrete, built along the waterline, with the aim of retaining sediment dragged by water runoff.

  • Compiler: Jacques Tavares