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Progressive bench terrace

Progressive bench terrace [China]

Bench terraces are progressively expanded to form a fully developed terrace system in order to reduce runoff and soil erosion on medium- to high- angled loess slopes.

  • Compiler: Fei WANG
Closed Pipe-conduit

Closed Pipe-conduit [China]

A Rat tunnel is a kind of subdrainage. It is a drainage duct formed through extrusion or oscillation in soil layer by pulling a mole plough with a tractor. The rat tunnels in a field should be used together with a concealed conduit drainage system in order to safely and ...

  • Compiler: Mei Zhao
Shrubbery buffer strip with bund

Shrubbery buffer strip with bund [China]

Belts of shrub or grass, planted on the level bund which constructed along contour line in gentle slope farmland in the black soil region of Northeast China.

  • Compiler: Mei Zhao
Biogas Digester for Biomass Energy

Biogas Digester for Biomass Energy [China]

By established facilities and use organic matter of animal manure, human waste, plant straw for anaerobic fermentation to produce inflammable biogas for uses of lighting, cooking with the residue liquid and dreg for high quality organic fertilizer.

  • Compiler: Yaolin Wang
Orchard terraces with bahia grass cover

Orchard terraces with bahia grass cover [China]

Rehabilitation of degraded hillsides through the establishment of fruit trees on slope-separated orchard terraces, with bahia grass planted as protective groundcover.

  • Compiler: Zhanguo Bai
Straw residues left on field after harvest and no tillage

Straw residues left on field after harvest and ... [China]

Method of this agricultual technology the rice straw will be left on the field after mechanized harvesting. Succession crop, such as rape, wheat or potato, were seeded directly under no tillage condition. Both measures aim at better soil regeneration and soil conditions for agriculture and subsequently increased yield and less ...

  • Compiler: Song Guo
Zhuanglang loess terraces

Zhuanglang loess terraces [China]

Level bench terraces on the Loess Plateau, converting eroded and degraded sloping land into a series of steps suitable for cultivation.

  • Compiler: Yaolin Wang