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Afforestation and Hillside Terracing

Afforestation and Hillside Terracing [Eritrea]

Tree plantations in combination with hillside terracing to protect upper catchment areas are a widespread technology in the Central and Northern Highland Zone of Eritrea.

  • Compiler: Eyob Zeremariam

No-tillage [Estonia]

No-till farming (also called zero tillage or direct drilling) is a way of growing crops or pasture from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage.

  • Compiler: Endla Reintam
Reduced tillage

Reduced tillage [Estonia]

Reduced (minimum) tillage is a tillage method that does not turn the soil over. Usually only the upper 10-18 cm of the soil surface is tilled.

  • Compiler: Endla Reintam
Community-Based Closed Area Management

Community-Based Closed Area Management [Ethiopia]

Area closure is a protection system to improve land with degraded vegetation and/or soil, by excluding livestock grazing and applying initial inputs and continuous maintenance. Once recovery is taking place through natural regeneration, area closures can become part of the agricultural system, thereby improving forage quantity and quality and also ...

  • Compiler: Bekalu Bitew
Desho Grass Soil Bund

Desho Grass Soil Bund [Ethiopia]

Desho grass strip is a vegetative SWC measure used for stablizing the bund and provide fodder for animals.

  • Compiler: Daniel Danano
Haraghie Stone Bund

Haraghie Stone Bund [Ethiopia]

It is constructed along the contour to minimize soil erosion and prevent runoff damage from down stream fields.

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