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Community-Based Closed Area Management

Community-Based Closed Area Management [Ethiopia]

Area closure is a protection system to improve land with degraded vegetation and/or soil, by excluding livestock grazing and applying initial inputs and continuous maintenance. Once recovery is taking place through natural regeneration, area closures can become part of the agricultural system, thereby improving forage quantity and quality and also ...

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Desho Grass Soil Bund

Desho Grass Soil Bund [Ethiopia]

Desho grass strip is a vegetative SWC measure used for stablizing the bund and provide fodder for animals.

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Haraghie Stone Bund

Haraghie Stone Bund [Ethiopia]

It is constructed along the contour to minimize soil erosion and prevent runoff damage from down stream fields.

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Area closure

Area closure [Ethiopia]

Closure of degraded land is made on land that has lost vegetation cover, has low soil fertility . To speed up the regeneration process applying some SWC activities and enrichment plantation will be necessary.

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Check dam ponds

Check dam ponds [Ethiopia]

It is a raised wall constructed across a stream/gully using stone, concrete and/or gabion for dual purpose, namely, to pond/store the stream flow behind it for irrigation purpose while at the same time reducing the runoff velocity and enhancing gully rehabilitation.

  • Compiler: Eyasu Yazew
Closed Area Management in Abagerima Learning Watershed

Closed Area Management in Abagerima Learning Watershed [Ethiopia]

Closed area management is an area within a watershed into which human and livestock access is limited, and the area is left for natural recovery of vegetation and soil. Management relates to activities by the community to ensure such protection and to support regeneration, such as constructing drainage and retention ...

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