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Wooden water reservoir for  rain water harvesting.

Wooden water reservoir for rain water harvesting. [Uganda]

A gutter system constructed on the farmer’s house-roof collects rainwater and directs it into a constructed reservoir raised off the ground with interior walls lined with water-proof tarpaulin. The reservoir has a maximum capacity of 8,000 liters of water; clean enough for irrigation, livestock and domestic use during seasons of ...

  • Compiler: Aine Amon
Multi-Canopy Agroforestry

Multi-Canopy Agroforestry [Uganda]

Trees of various sizes are integrated with crops such as coffee and/or banana, maize and beans such that each group of plants occupies a specific vertical position and competition for vertical space is minimized

  • Compiler: Bernard Fungo
Reducing Tillage by Slashing

Reducing Tillage by Slashing [Uganda]

A minimum tillage technology where the garden is cleared by slashing and crops are planted without opening the land. Only the spot where the seed is planted is dug. The rest of the land is left undisturbed.

  • Compiler: Sunday Balla Amale
Firelines For Tree Protection

Firelines For Tree Protection [Uganda]

Fire lines are established at the boundary between tree plantations to guard against wild forest fires that destroy the valuable tree species

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO) use in Natural Pig Farming

Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO) use in Natural Pig ... [Uganda]

Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO) are homemade microbe mixtures which foster rapid anaerobic digestion of waste to create and maintain a healthy deep bed litter flooring leaving behind a fertilizer rich material whilst ensure no smells or flies. The microbe mixtures are produced by fermenting natural plants with sugar.

Barley fodder management for livestock production among smallholder farmers

Barley fodder management for livestock production among smallholder ... [Uganda]

Barley fodder technology is a livestock feed that grows under a hydroponic system. This green feed is highly palatable, rich in protein and energy yet cost-effective. It takes few days to maturity (5-6 days) and can be grown in a smaller area. One kilogram of barley seeds can yield up ...

  • Compiler: Sarah Babirye
Improved Tree Nursery Bed

Improved Tree Nursery Bed [Uganda]

Improved fruit tree nursery is a technology comprising of grafted mangoes, grafted citrus, eucalyptus and pines, established with the aim of improving household income and promotion of agro-forestry farming systems within surrounding communities to achieve environmental conservation.

  • Compiler: Jalia Namakula