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Bayesian Network Approach

Bayesian Network Approach [Brazil]

Assessment of the probability and effectiveness of management options or innovations to describe cause-effect-relationships and to make recommendations for action on sustainable land management in the Itaparica region in Northeast Brazil.

  • Compiler: Verena Rodorff
Constellation Analysis

Constellation Analysis [Brazil]

Constellation Analysis is a tool used to clarify perceptions of different stakeholders about critical situations or problems. In workshops, participants visualize interrelationships between actors, as well as the associated natural, technical and regulatory factors.

  • Compiler: Verena Rodorff
Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures

Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures [China]

The technology combines the integration of native tree species into rubber monocultures with changed weed management to mitigate negative environmental impacts and to provide alternative income options for farmers.

  • Compiler: Gerhard Langenberger