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Holistic demonstration

Holistic demonstration [India]

Holistic demonstration includes integrated cultivation of Agri-Horti-Silvi technologies. Along with the Soil & water Conservation structures suitable to the site.

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Silvi Pasture

Silvi Pasture [India]

Regeneration of degraded hill side using structural, vegetative & managerial measures.

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Farm pond

Farm pond [India]

A sunken structure (12 x 12 x 3 m, more suiable), constructed by escavation in arable land with a view of temporary runoff storage tapped for protective irrigation, and to increase percolation for recharge of ground water (to convert surface to subsurface flow)

  • Compiler: Channabasappa Metri

Agro-forestry [India]

Development of degraded lands through plantation of productive tree species for long term benefit (conservation and economic) and cultivation of intercrop for short term benefit.

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Shelterbelts [India]

Cultivation of tree belts across the direction of wind at appropriate intervals in the deposition zone, with a view to arrest wind erosion and facilitate stabilisation of dunes through interbelt development.

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Diversion Weir

Diversion Weir [India]

Diversion weir is a masonary check dam constructed across a perinnial or semi perinnial stream to divert the runoff water into land users field for irrigation.

  • Compiler: Niranjan Sahu
Dugout Pond

Dugout Pond [India]

Dugout pond is a sunken water harvesting structure constructed along the rills in upper catchment for the purpose of storage of runoff and recharge of ground water.

  • Compiler: Mulchand Kag
Multigrain Nutrient Ball

Multigrain Nutrient Ball [India]

Introducing a multigrain flour to prevent malnutrition of rural communities, enhancing community resilience to natural disasters such as floods.

  • Compiler: MARIA ROSELIN