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Diversion Weir

Diversion Weir [India]

Diversion weir is a masonary check dam constructed across a perinnial or semi perinnial stream to divert the runoff water into land users field for irrigation.

  • Compiler: Niranjan Sahu
Dugout Pond

Dugout Pond [India]

Dugout pond is a sunken water harvesting structure constructed along the rills in upper catchment for the purpose of storage of runoff and recharge of ground water.

  • Compiler: Mulchand Kag
Multigrain Nutrient Ball

Multigrain Nutrient Ball [India]

Introducing a multigrain flour to prevent malnutrition of rural communities, enhancing community resilience to natural disasters such as floods.

  • Compiler: MARIA ROSELIN
Forest catchment treatment

Forest catchment treatment [India]

Catchment treatment of degraded forest land including social fencing, infiltration trenches and enrichment planting with trees and grasses for production and dam protection.

  • Compiler: Chetan Kumar
Contour Trench cum Bund

Contour Trench cum Bund [India]

Contour trench cum bund is a bund laid out on contour along with trench either staggered or continuous to check the velocity of run off, conserve in situ moisture, increse ground water recharge and there by establish a sustainable land use system.

  • Compiler: Niranjan Sahu
Dug-Out Well

Dug-Out Well [India]

It can be defined as combination of structural & agronomic measures where along with other technology like Water harvesting structures & field bunding on the upper reaches & a dug out well is constructed in the periphery of the drainage line which is a govt land. The 15 acres of …

  • Compiler: Unknown User
Dug-out sunken pond cum countour bund

Dug-out sunken pond cum countour bund [India]

It can be defined as combination of structural & vegetative measures where contour bunds are constructed from the excavated sandy loam soil of cultivated wastelands in semi-arid climatic(?) zone with moderate slope in medium soil depth conditions in order to link with self-subsistance & market oriented production systems from private …

  • Compiler: Unknown User
Pepsee micro-irrigation system

Pepsee micro-irrigation system [India]

A grassroots innovation that offers most of the advantages of conventional micro-irrigation at a much lower establishment cost.

  • Compiler: Shilp Verma
Sunken gully pits

Sunken gully pits [India]

Runoff management pit in the gully with provision of waterway for excess runoff water.