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Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way [Uganda]

Farming Gods Way is a method of farming which aims to preserve soil structure through minimum tillage, mulching with grass or plant stalks and use of organic manure for improved crop yields.

  • Compiler: Philip Tibenderana
Forest based enterprises

Forest based enterprises [Uganda]

Forest based enterprises are based in the forest. They accrue economic benefits without compromising the integrity of the environment and natural resources. Hence, they environmentally friendly, economically viable, socially acceptable.|

  • Compiler: UNCCD PRAIS
Construction of trenches in cropland.

Construction of trenches in cropland. [Uganda]

Farmer field facilitators mobilized and sensitized the land users on the need to control soil erosion in banana plantations and to conserve moisture in the soil.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Home Gardens

Home Gardens [Uganda]

Home gardens provide low-income households with continuous food supply and increase the resilience of their livelihoods to climate change

  • Compiler: Bernard Fungo