Proclamation of the protected area in Albania_ Prespa National Park. Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 80, date 18.02.1999| [Albanie]

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Entité concernée: Albania

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Informations générales

Informations générales

Titre des bonnes pratiques:

Proclamation of the protected area in Albania_ Prespa National Park. Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 80, date 18.02.1999|



Entité concernée:


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Utilisation courante des terres sur le site

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  • Pâturages
  • Terrains forestiers
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Contribution aux mesures de la DDTS

  • Prévention
  • Réhabilitation


Section 1. Contexte de la meilleure pratique : conditions du cadre (environnement naturel et humain)

Brève description de la meilleure pratique

The best practice in the Prespa Park is considered the protection of the area from degradation. By proclaiming the area as national park ,logging has been banned , . the livestock have been changed in terms of the races of animals. People changed gradualy the livestock from goat to caw. And they also have reduced grazing . Actualy there is a good situation of forestry and habitats. Forests have been regenerated and land has been covered againg with vegetation. |


The Prespa National Park is located in Korca Region

Si le lieu a des limites clairement définies, spécifier son extension en hectare:


Estimation de la population vivant sur le site:


Brève description de l’environnement naturel du site

Soil in Prespa park is considered in a good conditions. used for agriculture and garzing purposes, by the local copmunity. in some areas there are problems regarding erosion.|
The topography of Prespa park is mainyly hilly and mountinues areas. The area is situated at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. The highest peaks of the surrounding mountains reach about 2,600 m above sea level.|
The climate of the Prespa region is subject to Mediterranean and continental influences and may be characterised as continental-central European. It is characterised by winters with long periods of high rainfall, snow and low temperatures and warm but moderate summers. Mean monthly temperatures in the Prespa region average 9-10° C. The average annual rainfall is approximately 647 mm.|

Conditions socio-économiques dominantes des personnes vivant sur ou à proximité du site

The average incomes in Prespa park is aproximatly 700 USD per capita.
The property is private, expet forestry which are mostly state owned property. |
The main income source is agriculture ,  livestock and fishery.  |

Sur la base de quel critère/indicateur(s) (sans relation avec la stratégie) la pratique proposée et technologie correspondante ont-elles été considérées comme « meilleures »?

Prespa Park is considered as best practice due to the legal measures taken by proclaiming it as national park, in combination with the measures in practice such as sustainable land use management, development of sustainable agricultural and launching of reforestation/afforestation programmes.  

Section 2. Problèmes abordés (causes directes et indirectes) et objectifs de la meilleure pratique

Principaux problèmes abordés par la meilleure pratique

The main problems before procaliming as national park was deforestration. Tens hactares every years have cut legaly and ilegaly. Grazing was also an activity which had degraded several hactares of land and forests in this area.

Décrivez les principaux problèmes liés à la dégradation des terres abordés par la meilleure pratique

After proclamation of the Prespa Park,   stoping deforestration and controlling grazing were the two most important problems which were addressed by the legal measure.The logging was stoped and programe on aforestration were introduced. Also people were induced to change the livestock.|

Précisez les objectifs de la meilleure pratique

The main objective of the proclamation of the Prespa National park were the protection of the forests and habitats especially protection of important components of natural reserves, of biodiversity and the natural, as a whole.

Section 3. Activités

Brève description des principales activités, par objectif

in cooperation of local comunity garzing was reduced and the livestock was changed from goat to caw.
Several enforcement measures were undertaken by the administration of the national park. Planned loging was stoped and ilegal loging was reduced year by year.
Aforestration programs were introduced by the Directorate of Forestry service of Korca  district, especially in most degraded areas.|

Brève description et caractéristiques techniques de la technologie

In this area there was no any specific technolgy was applied. The most important measures was the legal status and the law enforcement.Aforestration and sustainable agriculture and livestock were applied  
no specific technology

Section 4. Institutions/acteurs impliqués (collaboration, participation, rôle des parties prenantes)

Nom et adresse de l’institution développant la technologie

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Adminisration|Rruga e Durresit, 27 Tirana, Albania

La technologie a-t-elle été développée en partenariat ?


Dressez la liste des partenaires :

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and water Adminisration, the Directorate of Forestry Service in Korca, Administration of Prespa Park  and the local comunity in Prespa Area.|

Précisez le cadre de promotion de la technologie

  • Initiative nationale – gouvernementale

La participation des parties prenantes locales, y compris des OSC, a-t-elle été recherchée au cours du développement de la technologie ?


Dressez la liste des parties prenantes locales:

Commune Liqenas,Regional Council of Korca, Directorate of Agriculture in Korca, etc. Preservation and Protection of Nature Environment in Albania -PPNEA and  Cross-border nature association (NGOs)|

Précisez le rôle des parties prenantes ci-dessus dans la conception, l’introduction, l’utilisation et la maintenance de la technologie, le cas échéant.

all the stakholders played an important role in the proclamation and maintanace of the National park-Prespa. They are influencing on forest habitats preservation and on agriculture practices. They are also cooperating with local comunity on elaboration of development plans in the area and law enforcement.

La population vivant sur ou à proximité du site a-t-elle été impliquée dans le développement de la technologie?


Par quels moyens?
  • Consultation
  • Approches participatives


Section 5. Contribution à l’impact

Décrivez les impacts sur site (les deux principaux impacts par catégorie)

fauna habitats are improved
traditional market is regenerated
Forest habitat restoration and protection. the forest is regenerated and the area is more attractive to tourist and visitors.
Good environmental conditions
good landscape
More understading on nature habiatats and agricuture.The people living there are having more oportunities on agriculture and services

Décrivez les deux principaux impacts hors site (dans les environs)

The positive impact is also in the neighbouring countries such as Greece and FYR Macedonia . based on that a trilateral agreement is sighned among three countries for protection and sustainable management of this area.
The positive impact is on the lake Prespa as an important habitat for endemic species.The erosion is declined and the  area is listed as  area for tourist atraction  

Impact sur la biodiversité et le changement climatique


The best practice will also impact positively for climate change adaptation. Improved habitats will create conditions for species to adapt the climate changes.
We think that forest protection and aforestration are the  important element for climate change mitigation. Species that will be affected by climate change will be located in this impoved habitats. The habitat will have a positive impact for the microclimate of the area.
The proclamation of prespa as national park impact positively on biodiversity conservation. as we have described in the previews sectionthe forest habitats are regenerated. before proclamation more than 20000m3 fuelwood has been cut and removed form the area. after proclamation this amaount is not allowed any more so for 10 years forest have been improved. Endemic species, medicinal plants,  wild fauna and aquatic biodiversity is being regenerated  and well preserved.  |

Une analyse coût-avantage a-t-elle été réalisée?

Une analyse coût-avantage a-t-elle été réalisée? :


Section 6. Adoption et caractère transposable

La technologie a-t-elle été diffusée/introduite sur d’autres sites?

La technologie a-t-elle été diffusée/introduite sur d’autres sites? :




Pouvez-vous identifier les trois principales conditions ayant favorisé la réussite de la meilleure pratique/technologie présentée?

The area have been received investements form different sources.
The farmers were very cooperative on forest protection and improving the livestock which imacted positivley to grazing.
The first condition was the legal status approved by the Government which was based on the understanding of different ministries and local comunities.


Selon vous, la meilleure pratique/technologie proposée peut-elle reproduite, y compris avec un certain degré d’adaptation?


Si oui, à quel niveau?
  • National
  • Régional
  • International

Section 7. Leçons tirées

Liées aux ressources humaines

The staff in charge of protected area has been motivated to work on the area. They have been working activly to follow the duties of the lagl act which was given to the area after proclamation as national park.

Liées aux aspects financiers

We think that the incomes generated to the area has been increased due to the increas number of visitors. Service activities have been developed due to improved landscape and habitats

Liées aux aspects techniques

Some lessons learned are related to the proccess of forestration and aforestration