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Entité concernée: Philippines

Précisez si la technologie indiquée dans le modèle, ou une partie de cette technologie, est protégée par des droits de propriété intellectuelle: Non

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Informations générales

Informations générales

Titre des bonnes pratiques:




Entité concernée:


Droits de propriété intellectuelle

Précisez si la technologie indiquée dans le modèle, ou une partie de cette technologie, est protégée par des droits de propriété intellectuelle:



Utilisation courante des terres sur le site

  • Cultures
  • Pâturages
  • Habitat humain

Contribution aux mesures de la DDTS

  • Prévention
  • Atténuation
  • Adaptation

Contribution aux objectifs stratégiques

  • Améliorer les conditions de vie des populations touchées
  • Améliorer les conditions des écosystèmes touchés

Liens avec les autres thèmes relatifs aux meilleures pratiques

  • Renforcement des capacités et sensibilisation
  • Gestion des connaissances et soutien des décisions
  • Participation, collaboration et réseautage


Section 1. Contexte de la meilleure pratique : conditions du cadre (environnement naturel et humain)

Brève description de la meilleure pratique

“Small Farm Reservoir (SFR)” as a best practice promotes diversified farming technology. Among the major components of this project are management of watershed area and service area, development of reservoir area, trainings and seminars and dispersal of ducks, vegetable seeds and fingerlings (tilapia and hito).  In an SFR, a farmer could culture fish in the reservoir, plant/produce vegetables using stored water for watering, raise poultry/ducks and livestock and use water to irrigate the farm lands. By doing so, aside from rice farming, farmers could also earn additional income by selling some of their produce. It is also a form of savings for the family because aside from having a free, fresh, healthy and nutritious food, it also lessens likelihood of sickness. In addition, rain water collected add-up to a cooler environment in the surrounding area. |


Municipality of Bingawan, Province of Iloilo, Philippines|

Si le lieu a des limites clairement définies, spécifier son extension en hectare:


Estimation de la population vivant sur le site:


Brève description de l’environnement naturel du site

Type III Climate. There is a short dry season during months of February to April and rainy season starting May until January
Topography is of hilly terrain
The soil type is classified as alimodian clay and bontog clay loam. The surface soil is brown, pale brown or light brown, reddish brown or yellowish brown, fin coarsely to granular, clay loam to loam.  Elements available are phosphorous and exchangeable potassium. |

Conditions socio-économiques dominantes des personnes vivant sur ou à proximité du site

Being an agricultural community, the main source of income of the majority of the residents is farming.  Others also engage in animal/poultry raising while some work as farm laborers in order to augment their income
There were 65% owner cultivator and the rest were Certificate of Land Title Holders and lease.
No Report Submitted

Sur la base de quel critère/indicateur(s) (sans relation avec la stratégie) la pratique proposée et technologie correspondante ont-elles été considérées comme « meilleures »?

Small Farm Reservoir (SFR) promotes diversified farming and encourages maximum utilization of resources.  The area can be used for various purposes to include culture of fish, vegetable production, and raising of poultry and livestock. It is also a measure for adaptation to climate change.|

Section 2. Problèmes abordés (causes directes et indirectes) et objectifs de la meilleure pratique

Principaux problèmes abordés par la meilleure pratique

1. Insufficient supply of water to irrigate farm lands.|2. Low income of farmers due to low production |3. Dependency of farmers on rice production as their source of livelihood|4. Adaptation to climate change

Décrivez les principaux problèmes liés à la dégradation des terres abordés par la meilleure pratique

Small Farm Reservoirs (SFRs) can contribute in preventing soil erosion in sloping and rolling areas. As they collect and store rainwater and runoff, it could reduce the volume and eroding power of runoff within a sub-basin. They also capture eroded materials and thus contribute in minimizing siltation of low-lying areas and waterways.|

Précisez les objectifs de la meilleure pratique

1. To transform and develop a small Municipality like Bingawan, Iloilo into a self-reliant, self-sufficient and productive community by year 2010.|2. To reconstruct and rehabilitate 100 units Small Farm Reservoir (SFR) in the Municipality of Bingawan, Iloilo, gaining economic benefits for production and resource conservation.|3. To maximize the utilization of water in the SFR using modern farming systems and techniques as medium in providing technological transfer and information dissemination. |4. To develop a workable linkages among partner agencies, institutions, farmers and private sector as to link services and resources for community development potentials.

Section 3. Activités

Brève description des principales activités, par objectif

1. Close coordination with other lead support agencies’ extension workers to effect concerted efforts in project implementation.
1. Develop organizational and management capabilities among farmers through conduct of consultation focus group discussion, workshop, seminars, meetings and classes to farmer and their organization.|
1. Conduct of field visit and survey by the LGU on the best possible SFR sites.|2. Rehabilitation and construction of SFR.|3. Inclusion of the project in the Development Plan of the LGU
1. Dispersal of ducks, vegetable seeds, fingerlings (tilapia and hito), certified palay seeds|

Brève description et caractéristiques techniques de la technologie

Background: Being an agricultural community, adequate supply of irrigation water is very vital for the lives of Bingawanons.  However, way back in 1990s, due to its location irrigation support facility in the Municipality was very limited.  Only the two (2) creeks, a Small Water Impounding Project (SWIP) constructed by the Bureau of Soils and Water Management in Poblacion and the Community Irrigation Project (CIP) in Brgy. Ngingi-an served as sources of irrigation water for the farmers.  This situation led to the construction of Small farm Reservoirs in different areas of Bingawan.
Small Farm Reservoir is small earth dam structure designed for storage of rainwater and runoff to serve a single rain-fed farm.  It is applicable in numerous farm sites with rolling and undulating lands. Size of a Small Farm Reservoir ranges from an area 400 sq.m. to 2,000 sq.m. and has an embankment of 4 meters above ground level.  Construction could either be done using heavy equipment like pay loader, bulldozer, backhoe or manual using spade, hoe and other construction materials.  Irrigation is done using pvc siphon or pumps.
Small Farm Reservoir (SFR) is suited in areas with rolling and undulating lands. It consists of watershed or drainage area on the upstream part; a reservoir area to which runoff from the watershed and direct rainfall are collected; earth embankment with a height of about 4 meters or less and on-farm service area usually being planted to rice and vegetables.

Section 4. Institutions/acteurs impliqués (collaboration, participation, rôle des parties prenantes)

Nom et adresse de l’institution développant la technologie

Local Government Units of Bingawan, Iloilo|Bingawan, Iloilo
Region VI
Philippines|Bureau of Soils and Water Management|SRDC Building, Elliptical Road cor. Visayas Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

La technologie a-t-elle été développée en partenariat ?


Dressez la liste des partenaires :

Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM)|Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit No. 6|Local Government Unit of Bingawan (Iloilo)|Farmer beneficiaries

Précisez le cadre de promotion de la technologie

  • Initiative locale
  • Initiative nationale – gouvernementale
  • Initiative basée sur un programme/projet

La participation des parties prenantes locales, y compris des OSC, a-t-elle été recherchée au cours du développement de la technologie ?


Dressez la liste des parties prenantes locales:

1. Bingawan Farmers’ Federation|2. Bingawan Agricultural and Fishery Council

Précisez le rôle des parties prenantes ci-dessus dans la conception, l’introduction, l’utilisation et la maintenance de la technologie, le cas échéant.

The federation & council organized the farmers and identified farmer-beneficiaries and farm sites for the possible rehabilitation and construction of SFR. Agricultural technologies and inputs are introduced to these farmers through the organization and maintenance of SFR which are being done by the recipients.

La population vivant sur ou à proximité du site a-t-elle été impliquée dans le développement de la technologie?


Par quels moyens?
  • Approches participatives


Section 5. Contribution à l’impact

Décrivez les impacts sur site (les deux principaux impacts par catégorie)

Additional income of farmers from production of fish, vegetables, poultry, livestock.|
Promotes a cooler environment, a big contribution to address impacts of climate change.|
Minimizes surface run-off and promotes bio-diversity
Savings for the family (free source of healthy and nutritious food and lesser tendency of sickness).
Source of irrigation water that saves crops during unexpected drought periods.
Diversified farming and maximum utilization of resources.

Décrivez les deux principaux impacts hors site (dans les environs)

Provides fresher and cheaper supply of vegetables in the market.
Job generation in other areas thru increased volume of agricultural produce that will be handled (transporting and marketing).

Impact sur la biodiversité et le changement climatique


SFR promotes diversified farming and inland fish culture thereby allowing growth and encouraging cultivation and production of different variety of plants/crops and animals and fish species.
Protection and preservation of forest is very vital for the establishment of an SFR to ensure sustainable water availability in the reservoir. The forest that covers the watershed then serves a greenhouse gases (GHG) sink.  Also, the presence of SFR adds-up to a cooler environment in the surrounding area.  
Scarcity of water supply is one of the major effects of climate change. With the presence of SFR, farmers were able to store water to irrigate their farmlands even at times of drought or prolong dry season.|

Une analyse coût-avantage a-t-elle été réalisée?

Une analyse coût-avantage a-t-elle été réalisée? :



The Small Farm Reservoir has more benefits among its beneficiaries. With the total cost of P10,000.00 for the rehabilitation per unit, the estimated income of every famer in every SFR is P150,000.00 per year. Added to that, are non-quantifiable benefits in terms of its environmental services (e.g. rainwater harvesting and recharging shallow aquifers).

Section 6. Adoption et caractère transposable

La technologie a-t-elle été diffusée/introduite sur d’autres sites?

La technologie a-t-elle été diffusée/introduite sur d’autres sites? :



Oton, Iloilo|San Enrique, Iloilo|Bohol, Province|Other areas of the country with undulating to rolling topography

Pouvez-vous identifier les trois principales conditions ayant favorisé la réussite de la meilleure pratique/technologie présentée?

Strong support of the Local Government Units (LGUs)
Support from other national government agencies (NGAs)
Open-mindedness and willingness to adopt technology transfer by the farmers


Selon vous, la meilleure pratique/technologie proposée peut-elle reproduite, y compris avec un certain degré d’adaptation?


Si oui, à quel niveau?
  • Local
  • Sous-national
  • National
  • Sous-régional
  • Régional
  • International

Section 7. Leçons tirées

Liées aux ressources humaines

1. Good coordination and partnership with relevant government agencies was a key to the success of the initiative

Liées aux aspects financiers

1. Potential of the SFR to support diversified farming should be maximized|2. Strong financial support not only from LGU but other agencies concerned.

Liées aux aspects techniques

1. SFR should be strategically located in sloping and undulating areas with more trees above for water catchment|2. SFR should be properly designed with respect to the social and physical characteristics of the project sites.