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EEG's Million Tree Campaign

EEG's Million Tree Campaign [United Arab Emirates]

The EEG Million Tree Project was launched under the aegis of UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign with the aim of greening the UAE, educating society & helping to combat desertification. By engaging all sectors, EEG have planted or facilitated the planting of 1,618,513 trees across the UAE. |

  • Compiler: UNCCD PRAIS
Soil management initiative

Soil management initiative [United Kingdom]

An independent organisation that promotes the adoption of appropriate soil management practices, especially conservation agriculture, within England.

  • Compiler: Alastaire Leake
Soil pH management

Soil pH management [United Kingdom]

Acidification treatments were applied to improved pastures in an attempt to restore plots to low-intensity grazing land

  • Compiler: Tandra Fraser
Silvopastoral Agroforestry with Cattle

Silvopastoral Agroforestry with Cattle [United Kingdom]

A mixture of silvopastoral agroforestry approaches, including extensive and rotational cattle grazing around trees, provide benefits for biodiversity as well as leaf fodder for cattle, edible fruits and nuts, and wood fuel.

  • Compiler: Alan Radbourne