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Community-Based Watershed Management

Community-Based Watershed Management [Afghanistan]

Sustainable implementation of watershed management through appropriate SLM technologies, formation of organizational structures and capacity building of stakeholders

  • Compiler: Aqila Haidery
Restoration of traditional pastoral management forums

Restoration of traditional pastoral management forums [Angola]

The transhumance pastoral communities of Southern Angola traditionally held gatherings of chieftains and community leaders to discuss management of commonly held pastoral resources. However, the conflicts of the last century led to the breakdown in traditional governance and the majority of the traditional management systems were abandoned. The RETESA Project ...

  • Compiler: Nicholas Euan Sharpe
The 'Triple bottom line'

The 'Triple bottom line' [Australia]

A new expression used by agriculturalists in Australia to explain why farmers change practices: the 'triple bottom line' implies economic, environmental and social concerns.

  • Compiler: Anthony J. Webster
Community-based approach in Erosion Control

Community-based approach in Erosion Control [Azerbaijan]

The unsustainable use of pastures and forest areas leads to erosion, degradation, desertification and loss of biodiversity in high mountain areas of the South Caucasus. In the village Ehen in the Ismayilli district in Azerbaijan, a community-based approach for erosion control was developed in a participative way. Together with village ...

  • Compiler: Hanns Kirchmeir
Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women

Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women [Bangladesh]

Terre des hommes and Greendots introduced the Peer to Peer pass-on system to enable women's groups in Bangladesh to spread the Keyhole Garden technique within their communities with the aim of enabling year-round homestead vegetable production despite the risk of flooding and tidal surge.

  • Compiler: John Brogan