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Sarclo-binage cloisonné

Sarclo-binage cloisonné [Niger]

Technique traditionnelle améliorée pour l'entretien des cultures qui consiste à sarcler tout en construisant des billons cloisonnés pour détruire les adventices et contrôler le ruissellement.

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Multi-Nutritional Fodder Blocks for livestock

Multi-Nutritional Fodder Blocks for livestock [Niger]

Multi-Nutritional Blocks for livestock are an alternative animal feed for all seasons. They are a concentrate of nutritious elements prepared from crop residues such as stalks, pods, etc.

  • Compiler: Judith Macchi
Dairy cattle fed with supplementary fodder

Dairy cattle fed with supplementary fodder [Ouganda]

Elephant grass (Pennisteum purpureum) and calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus), are harvested and chopped using a chaff cutter to produce fodder for dairy cows. The chaff is then mixed with cotton seed cake, molasses and maize bran to improve palatability and nutrient quality for dairy cows. The cattle graze in paddocks during ...

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Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef [Philippines]

Artificial Reef is a fish aggregating device that is considered as a sustainable alternative in the islands of Bohol. This technology can withstand the effects of gale warning, typhoons and extreme heat.

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Agroforestry parkland

Agroforestry parkland [Senegal]

A traditional agroforestry parkland with scattered trees beneficial for soil properties (e.g. Faidherbia albida) or providing food for human beings and cattle (e.g. Sclerocarya birrea)

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Rangeland Rehabilitation

Rangeland Rehabilitation [South Africa]

Rangeland rehabilitation where we use perennial grasses to rehabilitate the footslopes in a semi-arid region on a clay loam soil

  • Compiler: Franci Petra Jordaan
Rip-ploughing, oversowing

Rip-ploughing, oversowing [South Africa]

Ripploughing and oversowing (sodsowing) of extensive grazing land in order to improve productivity of a semi-arid rangeland.

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