SLM Technologies

An SLM Technology is a land management practice that controls land degradation and enhances productivity and/ or other ecosystem services.

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SLM Approaches

An SLM Approach defines the ways and means used to implement an SLM Technology, including the stakeholders involved and their roles.

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UNCCD Prais Practices

A UNCCD PRAIS Practice is a best practice in SLM, as previously shared through the UNCCD PRAIS system in the UNCCD reporting process.

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Carbon Benefits Project (CBP)

Tools for assessing the carbon benefits and greenhouse gas emissions of an SLM Technology.

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Land Degradation / Conservation

Mapping land management, degradation and conservation including driver, state and impacts.

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CCA Module

The climate change adaptation tool assesses whether a specific SLM Technology is adapted to gradual climate changes and climate-related extremes (natural disasters).

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