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Riverbank stabilization

Riverbank stabilization [Afghanistan]

A low cost and an easy activity for protecting agricultural lands, gardens and public infrastructure from the damages of flash flood.

  • Compiler: Aqila Haidery
Marshy land transformed into productive land

Marshy land transformed into productive land [Bangladesh]

Marshy land is transformed into a ridge and ditch area, where the ridges are wide enough for the nursery of diverse plants and seedlings and where after 6-8 years the yearly management practices the land got strong enough for various agricultural practices (i.e. guava, hog plum, plums and timber wood ...

  • Compiler: Rahatul Islam
Floating Garden

Floating Garden [Bangladesh]

Floating Garden is a traditional technology, practiced in the southern parts of Bangladesh locally called “Baira” or “Dhap”. The technology allows producing crops, vegetables and seedlings in areas where farming land is scarce and where the land is flodded or water logged for more than six months in a year.

  • Compiler: Shamim Ahamed
Sorjan - growing vegetables on raised beds in waterlogged areas

Sorjan - growing vegetables on raised beds in ... [Bangladesh]

The sorjon system is the cultivation of vegetables on raised beds. Ridges are about 60 to 90 cm high, which means crops are kept above the water, even during the wet season. The ditches between the ridges hold water for six to eight months per year and can be used ...

  • Compiler: Wolfgang Duifhuizen
Protection de la zone tampon par une plantation communautaire

Protection de la zone tampon par une plantation ... [Burundi]

La Protection des eaux internationales et l’habitat de la biodiversité des zones humides par la plantations arbres des agro-forestiers et à usages multiples dans les zones tampons et éducation des communautés à la gestion communautaire de ces dernières.

  • Compiler: Salvator Ndabirorere
Agricultura Anfibia

Agricultura Anfibia [Colombia]

Piscicultura comercial en estanques integrada con cultivos de subsistencia sobre camellones, basado en el sistema productivo anfibio de la Cultura Sinu y adaptado a las posibilidades y contexto actual de los pobladores de la Ciénaga Grande, bajo rio Sinu, región Caribe, Colombia.

  • Compiler: Luisa F. Vega
Implementation of a fog water capture system in a conservation area in the community of Shaushi.

Implementation of a fog water capture system in ... [Ecuador]

The practice consists in the installation of a water capture system, coming from the fog of the Cerro Shaushi zone, that allows to cover the need of water for domestic consumption of the inhabitants of the upper zone of the Community of Shaushi.

  • Compiler: Raul Galeas

Albarrada [Ecuador]

Son construcciones que poseen muros de tierra bien definidos, sus formas son variadas: rectángulares, cuadradas, circulares, semicirculares, alargada. Se llenan mediante un proceso de lenta acumulación de agua de lluvia directa o proveniente de las escorrentías producidas por la topografía del terreno. También pueden llenarse con el agua de pequeños ...

  • Compiler: Pablo Caza