UNDESERT Plan Vivo Carbon Stocking

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Entidad infórmante: European Union

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Información general

Información general

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UNDESERT Plan Vivo Carbon Stocking

Entidad infórmante:

European Union

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Aclare si los derechos de propiedad cubren la tecnología descrita en la plantilla, o en parte de ella:



Sección 1. Contexto de la práctica óptima: condiciones marco (entorno natural o humano)

Breve descripción de la práctica óptima

The Plan Vivo System provides a proven institutional framework for a properly financed and structured approach to supporting local communities and smallholders to cultivate, manage and protect trees. It facilitates the planning, management and monitoring of project activities and CO2 benefits generated by projects. The system incorporates a set of standards and good practice guidelines, administrative processes, tools and technical models.|


Mid west Senegal, just north of the Gambia. For further information see the attached file and the maps on it.|

Sección 2. Problemas tratados (causas directas e indirectas) y objetivos de la práctica óptima

Principales problemas que trata la práctica óptima

1.Poverty reduction, social resilience and ability to adapt to climate change and changes in natural
2.More economically productive and ecologically resilient agroecosystems.
3.Reduced risk of damage from drought, pests and diseases
4.Reduced exposure to fluctuations in the prices of tree products and fruits.|

Especifique los objetivos de la práctica óptima.

The aim is to get a certification for CO2 trading through the Plan Vivo system in the a
restoration site in Senegal, Patako Forest, as the first site in West Africa. And thereby provide
an example.|


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