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Keyhole  Garden

Keyhole Garden [Afghanistan]

Keyhole garden farming offers farmers the opportunity to increase production while decreasing garden area.

  • Compiler: Aqila Haidery
Keyhole Garden

Keyhole Garden [Bangladesh]

The Keyhole Garden model of homestead vegetable cultivation enhances the resilience of families living in areas with climate-related hazards, such as flooding and drought. Keyhole gardens have been shown to increase vegetable production in all seasons, thereby improving household food autonomy and dietary diversity.

  • Compiler: John Brogan
Floating Garden

Floating Garden [Bangladesh]

Floating Garden is a traditional technology, practiced in the southern parts of Bangladesh locally called “Baira” or “Dhap”. The technology allows producing crops, vegetables and seedlings in areas where farming land is scarce and where the land is flodded or water logged for more than six months in a year.

  • Compiler: Shamim Ahamed
Disability inclusive, flood resilient cluster village

Disability inclusive, flood resilient cluster village [Bangladesh]

The inclusive, flood-resilient cluster village provides safe housing, food security and income generation for multiple families, including persons with disabilities, in a highly flood prone area of Gaibandha District in northern Bangladesh. The land was raised above flood level and is protected by deep rooted fruit trees to prevent soil ...

  • Compiler: Subir Saha
Choi cultivation- a profitable crop for saline areas of Bangladesh

Choi cultivation- a profitable crop for saline areas ... [Bangladesh]

Choi Jhal (Piper chaba), locally called morich lota is a creeping vine that is grown in homesteads of saline areas. It is adapted to soil salinity, grows under shade and is a very high value crop. It remains green throughout the year, reducing evapotranspiration from the soil and hence reduces ...

  • Compiler: Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
Cultivation of organic vegetables to improve the household economy and the soil quality

Cultivation of organic vegetables to improve the household ... [Cambodia]

Cultivation of mixed organic vegetables utilizing natural fertilizers and homemade pesticides so as to reduce expenditure on external agriculture inputs, as well as produce organic vegetables that safeguard both the producers’ and consumers’ health. This practice is mainly suitable for the maintenance and improvement of the soil’s fertility.

  • Compiler: Sok Pheak
Home Garden (Pomelo, Lemon, Supplementary Crops)

Home Garden (Pomelo, Lemon, Supplementary Crops) [Cambodia]

This technology involves the cultivation of crops around the house, including pomelos, lemons and other supplementary crops, with solely the application of cattle and chicken manure as fertilizer, whilst abstaining from the use of chemicals. The purpose of this technology is to obtain various products, generate a household income especially ...

  • Compiler: Be Gechkim

Pilancón [Ecuador]

Práctica ancestral en forma de minireservorio construida para almacenar el agua proveniente de quebradas, vertientes o lluvias para luego distribuirla a las zonas de producción.

  • Compiler: Pablo Caza
Huerto familiar

Huerto familiar [Ecuador]

El Huerto familiar es un espacio donde se produce hortalizas y otras especies vegetales de forma orgánica o agroecológica. La producción obtenida es para el autoconsumo familiar y el excedente es comercializado en mercados locales lo cual permite a los agricultores mantener ingresos económicos por la venta de sus productos ...

  • Compiler: Pablo Caza