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Productive use of the riparian area using Napier grass and protection of the riverbank with indigenous trees at Kapingazi River

Productive use of the riparian area using Napier ... [Kenya]

A riparian area that is frequently flooded requires a special treatment because conventional agriculture is not possible. Trees along the riverbank and Napier grass on the remaining space still allow a productive use despite the difficult circumstances.

  • Compiler: Manuel Fischer
Grevillea agroforestry system

Grevillea agroforestry system [Kenya]

Multipurpose Grevillea robusta trees planted along farm boundaries, on terrace risers and occasionally scattered in cropland.

  • Compiler: Ceris A. Jones
Land reclamation by agave forestry with native species

Land reclamation by agave forestry with native species [Mexico]

Agave forestry land reclamation system with native agaves, trees, shrubs and grasses planted through participatory action for a sustainable production of mezcal and other products in order to generate high incomes for farmers.

  • Compiler: Christian Prat
Using Salix plant to protect stream banks

Using Salix plant to protect stream banks [Nepal]

Stream banks can be protected by planting them with Salix (Salix babylonica); this is a traditional practice that has been used for streams that flow through agricultural lands.

  • Compiler: Shreedip Sigdel
Kiwi fruit cultivation

Kiwi fruit cultivation [Nepal]

Kiwi fruit cultivation on sloping land in the mid-hill areas of Nepal can help prevent soil erosion and is a sustainable land management practice. This high value crop introduces biodiversity and improves livelihoods by providing a source of cash income.

  • Compiler: Shreedip Sigdel
Legume integration

Legume integration [Nepal]

Integration of leguminous crops as intercrops on terrace risers or as relay crops

  • Compiler: Richard Allen
Tomato Grafting

Tomato Grafting [Nepal]

Cleft grafting can be used to produce plants that are resistant to a number of pests and diseases and are often higher yielding than the original. Tomato seedlings can be easily grafted onto resistant root stock of the wild eggplant (Solanum sysimbrifolium) to produce a disease-resistant and commercially viable crop.

  • Compiler: Shreedip Sigdel
Improved millet variety HKP

Improved millet variety HKP [Niger]

The millet variety HKP, "Haini Kire Précoce" in Djerma language (finger millet in English), is a high-yielding millet variety, adapted to the Sahelian context

  • Compiler: Judith Macchi