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Marshy land transformed into productive land

Marshy land transformed into productive land [Bangladesh]

Marshy land is transformed into a ridge and ditch area, where the ridges are wide enough for the nursery of diverse plants and seedlings and where after 6-8 years the yearly management practices the land got strong enough for various agricultural practices (i.e. guava, hog plum, plums and timber wood …

  • Compiler: Rahatul Islam
Soil Conservation Through Bench Terrace Technology in Highly Degradable Hilly Slopy Areas of Bangladesh

Soil Conservation Through Bench Terrace Technology in Highly … [Bangladesh]

Bench terraces are a soil and water conservation measure used on sloping land with relatively deep soils to retain water and control erosion. They are normally constructed by cutting and filling to produce a series of level steps or benches. This allows water to infiltrate slowly into the soil. Bench …

  • Compiler: Md Babul Hossain
Traditional Shifting Cultivation

Traditional Shifting Cultivation [Bangladesh]

Traditional shifting cultivation is a rain-fed cultivation practice of the trible people of CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) for their subsistence, where natural vegetation is cleared off by slash-and-burn, to grow mixed annual crop for one year and then the land is left fallow for 3-5 years for natural regeneration.

  • Compiler: Abdul Gafur
Hill Agroforestry

Hill Agroforestry [Bangladesh]

Mixed fruits gardening on hill slope with forest trees on hill top and bamboo at the lower part of the hill.

  • Compiler: Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
Agroforesterie à base de Gmelina

Agroforesterie à base de Gmelina [Benin]

L’établissement d‘une plantation privée à base de Gmelina est une mesure de foresterie pure ou de l‘agroforesterie lorsqu’il est intercalé avec des cultures, effectuer pour enrichir le sol en matière organique, favoriser la biodiversité associée et le cycle hydrologique, réduire l’érosion du sol et aussi fournir du revenu.

  • Compiler: Gatien AGBOKOUN CHRISTOPHE
Use of Dummy Tigers to Repel Wild Animals

Use of Dummy Tigers to Repel Wild Animals [Bhutan]

Dummy tigers are used to scare off crop predators. This can be considered a SLM technology because it protects the crops from wild animals which in turn prevents erosion (both soil and water), adds nitrogen to the soil (i.e., by leguminous crops), and helps in nutrient cycling. Furthermore, time is …

  • Compiler: Tshering Yangzom
Plastic mulching for cash crops

Plastic mulching for cash crops [Bhutan]

Plastic mulching comprises thin plastic sheets laid out on raised soil surfaces around plants to help conserve soil moisture, prevent water and wind erosion, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature. It is used in agriculture to increase crop yields. However, there are environmental concerns about soil contamination and waste disposal.

  • Compiler: Tshering Yangzom
Climate Resilient Irrigation Scheme

Climate Resilient Irrigation Scheme [Bhutan]

A climate-resilient irrigation scheme is one that aims to successfully cope with and manage the impacts of climate change while preventing those impacts on the scheme from growing worse. The pipes are retrofitted with new and climate-resilient technology. Such a climate-proof irrigation system is designed to better withstand extreme weather …

  • Compiler: Tshering Yangzom
Lake Revival:  Towards Environmental Conservation

Lake Revival: Towards Environmental Conservation [Bhutan]

The lake conservation initiative at Tali was conceived with the vision of protecting the lake and transforming the surrounding area into a community eco-tourism hub. The initiative is a testament to how science and spirituality, and culture and the environment can coexist and benefit from one another.

  • Compiler: Tshering Yangzom