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Sustainable traditional native bee (Melipona favosa) keeping

Sustainable traditional native bee (Melipona favosa) keeping [Colombia]

Native stingless bee keeping (Melipona favosa) protects bees and plants found in forest and savannah ecosystems to produce honey. In contrast to current destructive wild bee honey harvesting, members of the Abril family keep the traditional practice of capturing/rescuing wild nests, and adapt them so that honey can be extracted …

  • Compiler: Beatriz Ramirez
Agroforestry system of cacao and gallery forest

Agroforestry system of cacao and gallery forest [Colombia]

Agroforestry system of cacao crop under gallery forest shadow as family agriculture. It is located at the Pozetas Stream, in the Cusiana River Basin, Floodable Savannas of the Colombian Orinoco.

  • Compiler: Luisa F. Vega
Manejo ecológico de laderas

Manejo ecológico de laderas [Colombia]

La tecnología pretende recuperar la fertilidad del suelo e impedir la erosión a través de una combinación de medidas estructurales (camellones en comtorno y zanjas de infiltración y de compost), vegetativas (barreras de pasto / árboles) y agronómicas (diversificación y intercalación de cultivos, aplicación de abono orgánico)

  • Compiler: Mathias Gurtner
Shade-grown coffee

Shade-grown coffee [Costa Rica]

An agroforestry system which combines coffee with shade trees - including fruit, timber and leguminous species - in a systematic fashion.

  • Compiler: Olman Quiros Madrigal
Afforestation and Hillside Terracing

Afforestation and Hillside Terracing [Eritrea]

Tree plantations in combination with hillside terracing to protect upper catchment areas are a widespread technology in the Central and Northern Highland Zone of Eritrea.

  • Compiler: Eyob Zeremariam
Community-Based Closed Area Management

Community-Based Closed Area Management [Ethiopia]

Area closure is a protection system to improve land with degraded vegetation and/or soil, by excluding livestock grazing and applying initial inputs and continuous maintenance. Once recovery is taking place through natural regeneration, area closures can become part of the agricultural system, thereby improving forage quantity and quality and also …

  • Compiler: Bekalu Bitew
Paved and grassed waterways

Paved and grassed waterways [Ethiopia]

A waterway is an artficial drainage channel constructed along the steepest slope to receive runoff from cutoff drains and graded structures and drain to the natural waterway safely.

  • Compiler: Berhanu Fentaw
Soil Bund with Contour Cultivation

Soil Bund with Contour Cultivation [Ethiopia]

It is a structural measure with an embankment of soil or stones or soil and stones, constructed along the contour and stablized with vegetative measures (grass and fodder trees).

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Rehabilitation of degraded lands

Rehabilitation of degraded lands [Ethiopia]

Activities that help maintain the productive potentials of soils through prevention and reduction of erosion, enhancing of rehabilitation rate by practicing measures such as microbasins, trench, eyebrow terrace, terraces, pitting and plantation of trees.

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