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Stone faced trench

Stone faced trench [Ethiopia]

Construction of stones walls along the contour with trenches on the upper side of the structure while the upper part of the structure filled with soil and compacted.

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Area closure on degraded lands

Area closure on degraded lands [Ethiopia]

Area closure on degraded lands is a land management practice used to rehabilitate and conserve the natural resource bases, and enhance its natural regeneration and restoring capacity and productive functions by excluding animal and human interferences through community consultation and collective actions.

  • Compiler: Gizaw Desta Gessesse
Sweet Potato Ridge

Sweet Potato Ridge [Ethiopia]

Earth embankment formed by digging a channel and pile the soil to form a ridge on which potato is planted.

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Graded Soil bund

Graded Soil bund [Ethiopia]

It is an embankment of soil with no gradient along the contour and stablized with grasses, tree/shrub plant species.

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Paved and grassed waterways

Paved and grassed waterways [Ethiopia]

A waterway is an artficial drainage channel constructed along the steepest slope to receive runoff from cutoff drains and graded structures and drain to the natural waterway safely.

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Integrated Farm Land Conservation

Integrated Farm Land Conservation [Ethiopia]

Integrated Farm Land Conservation (IFLC) comprises of farm terrace (bund) construction, construction of drainage structures, bund stabilization and livestock exclosure,

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Gully Rehabilitation

Gully Rehabilitation [Ethiopia]

It is a barrier of stone/wood/earth placed across a gully to control runoff and sediment passing through.

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Stone faced trench bund

Stone faced trench bund [Ethiopia]

It is an allignment of stones embankment at the lower/downslope of the trench dug to form earth embankment following a contour.

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