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Crop rotation

Crop rotation [Belgium]

The use of crop rotation in dairy farms to provide fodder on a healthy sandy soil

  • Compiler: Sabine Reinsch
Rotation 2+2 of cereals in a no-tillage system

Rotation 2+2 of cereals in a no-tillage system [France]

A trial crop rotation system of '2+2', where a succession of two spring crops (maize) followed by two winter crops (wheat) aims to diversify cropping through rotation (sequences and intervals) while limiting weed pressure under a no-tillage system.

  • Compiler: Alan Radbourne
Alley cropping - Agroforestry

Alley cropping - Agroforestry [France]

The implementation of agroforestry in a cereal field can help aid biodiversity, that will in turn support natural pest control, improve the resilience to water and climate stress through improved infiltration, provide more shade and less wind-stress, and will improve soil health, among other benefits.

  • Compiler: Alan Radbourne