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Vallerani System

Vallerani System [Burkina Faso]

A special tractor-pulled plow that constructs micro-catchments. It combines the traditional techniques of rainwater harvesting with mechanization for large scale land rehabilitation.

  • Compiler: Sabina Galli Vallerani
Spate Irrigation

Spate Irrigation [Eritrea]

Spate irrigation is a traditional water diversion and spreading technology.

  • Compiler: Unknown User
Runoff/floodwater farming

Runoff/floodwater farming [Ethiopia]

Runoff/flood farming locally known as Korbe is a practice that involves diversion of water from different sources for growing vegetables, fruit trees and crops of high value on a land prepared known as Korbe.

  • Compiler: Daniel Danano
Sunken streambed structure

Sunken streambed structure [India]

Excavations in streambeds to provide temporary storage of runoff, increasing water yields from shallow wells for supplementary irrigation.

  • Compiler: David Gandhi
Fanya juu terraces

Fanya juu terraces [Kenya]

Terrace bund in association with a ditch, along the contour or on a gentle lateral gradient. Soil is thrown on the upper side of the ditch to form the bund, which is often stabilised by planting a fodder grass.

  • Compiler: Kithinji Mutunga
Sand dams

Sand dams [Kenya]

A sand dam is a stone masonry barrier across a seasonal sandy riverbed that traps rainwater and sand flowing down the catchment.

  • Compiler: Ian Neal
Planting pits and stone lines

Planting pits and stone lines [Niger]

Rehabilitation of degraded land through manured planting pits, in combination with contour stone lines. The planting pits are used for millet and sorghum production on gentle slopes.

  • Compiler: Charles Bielders