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Joint forest management

Joint forest management [India]

Government and NGO supported community protection of forested catchments, through village-based Hill Resource Management Societies.

  • Compiler: Sumana Datta
Contour "V" Ditch

Contour "V" Ditch [India]

V-ahaped sturcture on contour line in order to check sheet/reel erosion and for moisture retension.

  • Compiler: Biranchi Mohapatra
Broadleaf Plantations, Assisted Tree Regeneration and Fodder Nurseries for Sustainable Forest Management

Broadleaf Plantations, Assisted Tree Regeneration and Fodder Nurseries ... [India]

Natural assisted regeneration of broadleaved species, a small oak plantation and a fodder nursery have been established in the Nakina community forest (intervention area: 10 ha), supporting fodder tree species such as Banj Oak and Falyaat, as well as various subtropical temperate fodder grass species. This has improved the livelihood ...

  • Compiler: Jaclyn Bandy
Holistic demonstration

Holistic demonstration [India]

Holistic demonstration includes integrated cultivation of Agri-Horti-Silvi technologies. Along with the Soil & water Conservation structures suitable to the site.

  • Compiler: Unknown User

Shelterbelts [India]

Cultivation of tree belts across the direction of wind at appropriate intervals in the deposition zone, with a view to arrest wind erosion and facilitate stabilisation of dunes through interbelt development.

  • Compiler: Unknown User
Multigrain Nutrient Ball

Multigrain Nutrient Ball [India]

Introducing a multigrain flour to prevent malnutrition of rural communities, enhancing community resilience to natural disasters such as floods.

  • Compiler: MARIA ROSELIN
Forest catchment treatment

Forest catchment treatment [India]

Catchment treatment of degraded forest land including social fencing, infiltration trenches and enrichment planting with trees and grasses for production and dam protection.

  • Compiler: Chetan Kumar