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Dairy cattle fed with supplementary fodder

Dairy cattle fed with supplementary fodder [Ouganda]

Elephant grass (Pennisteum purpureum) and calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus), are harvested and chopped using a chaff cutter to produce fodder for dairy cows. The chaff is then mixed with cotton seed cake, molasses and maize bran to improve palatability and nutrient quality for dairy cows. The cattle graze in paddocks during ...

  • Compiler: Aine Amon
Community development appraoch

Community development appraoch [Uganda]

The approach involves the community and other development partners identifying opportunities, challenges and appropriate solutions through collective action.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Bamboo-Woven Bee Hives

Bamboo-Woven Bee Hives [Uganda]

Using relatively cheap and locally available bamboo material to make bee hives is adaptable to local setting and reduces harvesting of large native trees

  • Compiler: Bernard Fungo
Teak-Based Afforestation for Timber Production

Teak-Based Afforestation for Timber Production [Uganda]

Teak (Tectona grandis) is preferred as a timber species in northern Uganda because the tree species better endures drought conditions compared to other species such as Pine. A tree plantation of Teak is established mainly to provide timber but also sequester atmospheric carbon and act as wind break.

  • Compiler: Bernard Fungo
Mango and paw-paw fruit tree growing

Mango and paw-paw fruit tree growing [Uganda]

Fruit growing is one of the important and high paying branches of horticulture that involves planting of improved mango (mangifera indica) and paw paw (carica papaya)varieties in rows, with pawpaws(carica papaya) planted in between the mango(mangifera) trees with the aim of obtaining fruits for sale for income and environmental conservation.