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Mulching using  banana leaves

Mulching using banana leaves [Uganda]

Dry banana leaves are spread in the soil for growing banana plantation for improving soil fertility and moisture content retention.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Pine Woodlot

Pine Woodlot [Uganda]

A Woodlot of Pine (Pinus caribaea) is a fast growing, tolerant tree based plantation established to address land cover depletion, soil fertility loss and soil erosion control.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Energy-saving ground stoves

Energy-saving ground stoves [Uganda]

Energy-saving stove is a hole dug in the floor of a hut or in the compound. It helps to reduce the quantity of firewood used for cooking by reducing heat loss and ensuring firewood burning for longer time.

  • Compiler: Sunday Balla Amale
Farmer Led Documentation and Knowledge sharing

Farmer Led Documentation and Knowledge sharing [Uganda]

Farmer Led Documentation (FLD) is an empowering process in which local communities take the lead role in the documentation process.FLD ensures that relevant experiences and good practices at the community level are visible as a starting point for further Farmer Led agricultural development. FLD is an approach that was developed ...

  • Compiler: UNCCD PRAIS