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Maize (zea mays) growing with contours

Maize (zea mays) growing with contours [Uganda]

Contour farming is a practice of ploughing and/or planting across a slope following its elevation contour lines. The contour lines create a water break which reduces rill and gully forms of soil erosion in case of heavy storms. The water break allows more time for more water to percolate/sink into ...

  • Compiler: betty adoch
Semi-Intensive Goat Farming Practice  for Pasture Conservation

Semi-Intensive Goat Farming Practice for Pasture Conservation [Uganda]

Goats are stall fed during dry season and open-grazed during rain season. In a semi-intensive system, animals are kept under confinement in which they are stall–fed for some period of time (weeks to months, especially during the dry seasons) followed by another period of open grazing during the rainy seasons.

Wire Mesh Maize Storage Crib

Wire Mesh Maize Storage Crib [Uganda]

Wire mesh maize storage crib technology is a medium to large scale technology promoted by a farmer in Kamwenge District in South Western Uganda to prevent maize grains from being affected by rainfall. The technology allows for good air circulation which is essential for drying out the maize grains. In ...

Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR)

Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) [Uganda]

Farmer-managed natural regeneration is a low-cost, sustainable land restoration technique involving the re-growth of trees from tree stumps and seedlings in the wild.

  • Compiler: Bernard Fungo
Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way [Uganda]

Farming Gods Way is a method of farming which aims to preserve soil structure through minimum tillage, mulching with grass or plant stalks and use of organic manure for improved crop yields.

  • Compiler: Philip Tibenderana
Stone lines

Stone lines [Uganda]

Stone lines are built along a contour to control soil erosion on a degraded steep slope.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Calliandra contour hedges

Calliandra contour hedges [Uganda]

Contour hedges of Calliandra planted on very steep slopes to combat soil erosion by decreasing surface runoff and increasing infiltration.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde