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Ecograze [Australia]

An ecologically sound and practical grazing management system, based on rotation and wet season resting.

  • Compilador: Andrew Ash
The 'Triple bottom line'

The 'Triple bottom line' [Australia]

A new expression used by agriculturalists in Australia to explain why farmers change practices: the 'triple bottom line' implies economic, environmental and social concerns.

  • Compilador: Anthony J. Webster
Green cane trash blanket

Green cane trash blanket [Australia]

Elimination of burning as a pre-harvest treatment of sugar cane, and managing the resultant trash as a protective blanket to give multiple on and off-site benefits.

  • Compilador: Anthony J. Webster
Management of total grazing pressure to increase groundcover and to minimise desertification risk

Management of total grazing pressure to increase groundcover ... [Australia]

Groundcover management: Soil erosion is being addressed by working to increase native perennial ground cover to 60%, where the typical cover is approximately 20%. The growth of woody species is being managed in this project to allow growth of perennial grasses and forbs. Managing total grazing pressure: On semi-arid rangelands, ...

  • Compilador: UNCCD PRAIS
Community-based approach in Erosion Control

Community-based approach in Erosion Control [Azerbaijan]

The unsustainable use of pastures and forest areas leads to erosion, degradation, desertification and loss of biodiversity in high mountain areas of the South Caucasus. In the village Ehen in the Ismayilli district in Azerbaijan, a community-based approach for erosion control was developed in a participative way. Together with village ...

  • Compilador: Hanns Kirchmeir
Tree planting campaign

Tree planting campaign [Bahamas]

Native trees were planted in public areas to promote the advantages of these trees and encourage further plantings on the island.

  • Compilador: UNCCD PRAIS
Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women

Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women [Bangladesh]

Terre des hommes and Greendots introduced the Peer to Peer pass-on system to enable women's groups in Bangladesh to spread the Keyhole Garden technique within their communities with the aim of enabling year-round homestead vegetable production despite the risk of flooding and tidal surge.

  • Compilador: John Brogan