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Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper

Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper [Zambia]

Conservation Tillage with the Magoye Ripper is an animal draft reduced tillage method that involves the use of the Magoye Ripper to loosen the soil by shattering with a tine instead of ploughing.

  • Compilador: Silenga Wamunyima
Animal Draft Zero-Tillage

Animal Draft Zero-Tillage [Zambia]

Animal draft zero-till involves the use of an animal drawn mechanical planter to plant directly in untilled soil to minimize soil disturbance and leave a cover of crop residues to conserve the soil and water.

  • Compilador: Silenga Wamunyima
Strip Tillage Conservation Farming

Strip Tillage Conservation Farming [Zambia]

Strip Tillage Conservation Farming is an animal draft reduced tillage method that involves loosening a strip of soil with a strip tillage tool so as to reduce soil disturbance and improve soil and water conservation.

  • Compilador: Silenga Wamunyima
Small Earth Dams

Small Earth Dams [Zambie]

Water harvesting and storage structures to impound runoff generated from upstream catchment areas.

  • Compilador: MAIMBO MALESU
Savings Book Approach

Savings Book Approach [Таджикистан]

Reforestation of deserted state forest plots through a financial incentive system for the labour intensive first years of forest establishment, after which harvests of forest products from the plot provide income opportunities for the forest tenants and the State Forestry Agency (in the frame of CACILM).

  • Compilador: Roziya Kirgizbekova
Livestock Committee at Village Level

Livestock Committee at Village Level [Таджикистан]

Livestock committees were established with the goal to improve livestock health as well as natural resource management in the watersheds where the village pastures were situated. Livestock committees in the Muminabad district are organised at village level and coordinate their activities through the registered livestock association at district level.

  • Compilador: Sa'dy Odinashoev