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Poultry Waste For Soil Fertility Improvement And Increased Production

Poultry Waste For Soil Fertility Improvement And Increased ... [Uganda]

Collected poultry wastes are applied on a planted fruit garden growing mangoes, oranges, jack-fruits, pawpaw, lemon and vegetables such as green peas, tomatoes, cabbages and plantations of pine and eucalyptus for soil fertility improvement and increased production.

  • Compilador: betty adoch
Energy-saving ground stoves

Energy-saving ground stoves [Uganda]

Energy-saving stove is a hole dug in the floor of a hut or in the compound. It helps to reduce the quantity of firewood used for cooking by reducing heat loss and ensuring firewood burning for longer time.

  • Compilador: Sunday Balla Amale
Mulching using  banana leaves

Mulching using banana leaves [Uganda]

Dry banana leaves are spread in the soil for growing banana plantation for improving soil fertility and moisture content retention.

  • Compilador: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Grass strips

Grass strips [Uganda]

Napier grass strips control soil erosion on annual and perennial cropland on moderately-angled to highly-angled slopes.

  • Compilador: Wilson Bamwerinde
Pine Woodlot

Pine Woodlot [Uganda]

A Woodlot of Pine (Pinus caribaea) is a fast growing, tolerant tree based plantation established to address land cover depletion, soil fertility loss and soil erosion control.

  • Compilador: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Improved trash lines

Improved trash lines [Uganda]

Weeds and crop residues laid in bands across the slope of annual crop fields to conserve soil and water, and to incorporate organic matter into the soil after decomposition.

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