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Pastoralist field schools

Pastoralist field schools [Ethiopia]

Pastoralist field schools improve livelihoods and resilience of pastoral communities through a process of hands-on experimental and participatory learning. They are "schools without walls" that introduce good agricultural and marketing practices while building on local knowledge. The PFS approach builds heavily on the basic principles of discovery based learning to …

  • Compilador: Giacomo de' Besi
Social Infrastructure for Soil Conservation

Social Infrastructure for Soil Conservation [Ethiopia]

Negotiation with the stakeholder community of a catchment on social incentives to be offered by external agency in exchange of additional inputs by the communty to be invested into soil and water conservation measures.

  • Compilador: Hans Hurni
Labour exchange

Labour exchange [Ethiopia]

It is an approach based on labour exchange organized on the basis of mutual assistance involving no payment for work done. However, the land user is supposed to provide people participating with food and drinks. All wanting such cooperation request the me

  • Compilador: Unknown User
Community social labour-share groups  (Debo/Wenfel)

Community social labour-share groups (Debo/Wenfel) [Ethiopia]

Debo is a 'labour share', grouping of land users in a community. It is a social / traditional co-operation/ where land users support each other by working in groups for activities which are labour intensive.

  • Compilador: Philippe Zahner
Self Help

Self Help [Ethiopia]

A household and the family members work on SLM measures to manage their land without external support.

  • Compilador: Philippe Zahner