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Protection and sustainable of mountain ungulates

Protection and sustainable of mountain ungulates [Tajikistan]

The sustainable use of wild mountain ungulates by local peoplefor eco-tourism, hunting tourism and subsistence hunting stimulates the protection of the populations and habitats of these species thus providing an alternative and adapted land-use option contributing to climate resilience trough biodiversity conservation, avoidance of desertification and diversification of land-use.

  • Compilador: Natalia Mityakova
Seminomadic individual herding

Seminomadic individual herding [Tajikistan]

Pasture management by a single herder, assisted either by an employee or by his own grandchildren, in collaboration with the habitants of the nearby village Karsang.

  • Compilador: Christian Wirz
Joint village land use planning

Joint village land use planning [Tanzania, United Republic of]

Joint village land use planning is a process facilitated by Tanzania's land policy and legislation. It supports the planning, protection and management of shared resources across village boundaries. It is an important tool towards land use planning and better rangeland management. This case study provides an example from a cluster …

  • Compilador: Fiona Flintan