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Terrace approach

Terrace approach [China]

Highly organised campaign to assist land users in creating terraces: support and planning from national down to local level.

  • Compilador: Yaolin Wang

Pits [China]

The pits are constructed by hand on steep slope by government investment.

  • Compilador: Baoyuan Liu

Subsoiling [China]

Subsoiling with mulching is one of the conservative tillage using subsoiling plough to loose subsoils with surface soil undisturbed.

  • Compilador: Zhanguo Bai
Small Watershed Comprehensive Control

Small Watershed Comprehensive Control [China]

Controlling a small watershed comprehensively with structural, vegetative, management, and agronomic measures based on harvesting area of ground water and underground water, to improve the production and conservation of land.

  • Compilador: Jun XIA
Check Dam

Check Dam [China]

Check dam is a kind of sediment storage dam of 5m below and is built in channels to control the down cutting of channel bed.

  • Compilador: Haiyan WEI
Falling Water Dam

Falling Water Dam [China]

The falling water dams are widely built in the middle reach of the Yellow River, the typical dams are filled with dense slurry by water flow from upland. The approach is implemented mainly by government investment.

  • Compilador: Yan ZHANG