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The prevention of soil sealing

The prevention of soil sealing [Poland]

The prevention of soil sealing is an approach in which stakeholders are making spatial planning decisions based on the new map of soil sealing, in case of protecting the most valuable soils.

  • Compiler: Tomasz Miturski
Forest Intervention Area (ZIF)

Forest Intervention Area (ZIF) [Portugal]

Forest Intervention Area (ZIF) is a territorial unit, where the main land use is forestry. This approach assembles and organizes small forest holders and defines a joint intervention for forest management and protection. Defined by law in 2005, and revised in 2009, each ZIF of private forest has to include ...

  • Compiler: Celeste Coelho
Information and awareness raising for safe use of metal contaminated land

Information and awareness raising for safe use of ... [Romania]

The aim of this Aprroach is to increase the awareness about the risk related to agricultural use of contaminated land and to present the appropriate technologies for sustainable use of contaminated land in order to reduce the transfer of contaminants into the food chain. The implementation of appropriate SLM will ...

  • Compiler: Nicoleta Vrinceanu
Vocational Training

Vocational Training [Russian Federation]

Regular in-service training of land use specialists and farm managers in the fields of sustainable land use management, and monitoring in the agrarian sector.

  • Compiler: Peter Liebelt
Field days

Field days [Russian Federation]

Field days are events for regional stakeholders, mainly farmers in the study area, to discuss their demands regarding scientific help, and to be informed about the activities and results of new methods and technologies for conservation agriculture.

  • Compiler: Peter Liebelt
Participatory approach

Participatory approach [Rwanda]

This approach is a contribution of different stakeholders and land users in the identification and resolution of a particular crop land problems, which implicate at the end different stage of intervention by all stakeholders to resolve the problem.

  • Compiler: Desire Kagabo
Top down approach

Top down approach [Rwanda]

This is a top down approach to technology development and dissemination with limited involvement of intended beneficiaries.

  • Compiler: Desire Kagabo