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Общинное лесоводство в Каракалпакстане

Общинное лесоводство в Каракалпакстане [Uzbekistan]

Арендаторы из местных жителей в сотрудничестве с районными лесными хозяйствами на взаимовыгодных условиях выполнили лесовосстановительные работы на деградированных участках хозяйств (в рамках ИСЦАУЗР)

  • Compiler: Tatyana Khamzina
Entertainment-education for ecological engineering

Entertainment-education for ecological engineering [Viet Nam]

Entertainment-education for ecological engineering involves a series of TV pro-grammes that educate rice farmers about ecosystem services, as well as ecologi-cal engineering techniques to conserve biodiversity in rice landscapes.

  • Compiler: Monina Escalada
Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin Information Centre

Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin Information Centre [Viet Nam]

The VGTB River Basin Information Centre (RBIC) offers decision support tools for stakeholders and aims at providing comprehensive information and consulting services to the water and land users according to their demands.

  • Compiler: Justyna Sycz
leveled mountain terraces

leveled mountain terraces [Yemen]

organized collective action at a high pace for building agricultural terraces to improve livelihoods in resource-scarce regions in the ground

  • Compiler: ahmed algalal
Participatory Research and Development

Participatory Research and Development [Zambia]

This is a collaborative process between researchers and farmers for developing and adapting new technologies that focus on incorporating the perspectives and inputs from the farmers into the development process.

  • Compiler: Arthur Chomba
Savings Book Approach

Savings Book Approach [Таджикистан]

Reforestation of deserted state forest plots through a financial incentive system for the labour intensive first years of forest establishment, after which harvests of forest products from the plot provide income opportunities for the forest tenants and the State Forestry Agency (in the frame of CACILM).

  • Compiler: Roziya Kirgizbekova
Livestock Committee at Village Level

Livestock Committee at Village Level [Таджикистан]

Livestock committees were established with the goal to improve livestock health as well as natural resource management in the watersheds where the village pastures were situated. Livestock committees in the Muminabad district are organised at village level and coordinate their activities through the registered livestock association at district level.

  • Compiler: Sa'dy Odinashoev