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Minimum tillage

Minimum tillage [Brazil]

Seed of maize and soy are planted directly into the soil with a minimum previous tillage impact.

  • Compiler: Stefan Hohnwald
Permeable rock dams

Permeable rock dams [Burkina Faso]

Permeable rock dams serve to restore seriously degraded farmland and forest/rangeland and are used to fill in gullies and control water flow.

  • Compiler: Dieter Nill
'Forage Christine'

'Forage Christine' [Burkina Faso]

A modern hydraulic complex in the centre of the Sahelian region of Burkina Faso for watering livestock in the dry season.

  • Compiler: Nouhoun Zampaligré
Ouvrages Anti Erosifs

Ouvrages Anti Erosifs [Burkina Faso]

Combinaison des cordons 3 pierres (et des autres structures physiques) pour stabiliser et restaurer le sol et permettre une infiltration de l’eau. La végétalisation de ces ouvrages permet un renforcement des mesures physiques.

  • Compiler: Rebecka Ridder