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Forest Beekeeping

Forest Beekeeping [Cameroon]

Apiculture (beekeeping) is a traditional practice providing a high number of non-timber forest products.

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Afforestation [Cape Verde]

Afforestation is one of the key technologies to address the fragility of ecosystems: it provides better protection against erosion and makes better use of rainfall in order to maintain the sustainability of agricultural systems.

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Barreiras Vivas de Leucaena

Barreiras Vivas de Leucaena [Cape Verde]

Vegetative measure based on the planting of the bush, Leucaena leucocephala, on line along the level curves in the steep slopes

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Aloe Vera Living Barriers

Aloe Vera Living Barriers [Cape Verde]

It is a technique which uses the structure of a cross-slope barrier of Aloe vera to combat soil erosion by decreasing surface wash and increasing infiltration.

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Orchard terraces with bahia grass cover

Orchard terraces with bahia grass cover [China]

Rehabilitation of degraded hillsides through the establishment of fruit trees on slope-separated orchard terraces, with bahia grass planted as protective groundcover.

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Small Watershed Comprehensive Development

Small Watershed Comprehensive Development [China]

Controlling a small watershed comprehensively with structural, vegetative, management, and agronomic measures based on harvesting area of ground water and underground water, to improve the production and conservation of land.

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Longan, Plum interplanting

Longan, Plum interplanting [China]

Interplanting plum, peach in the Longan orchard to conserve soil and water and improve soil fertility.

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