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Soil Bund with Contour Cultivation

Soil Bund with Contour Cultivation [Ethiopia]

It is a structural measure with an embankment of soil or stones or soil and stones, constructed along the contour and stablized with vegetative measures (grass and fodder trees).

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Large semi circular stone bunds

Large semi circular stone bunds [Ethiopia]

These consist of stone embankments built in the shape of a semi circle with the tips of the bund on the contour and are arranged in staggered orientation in rows so that overflow from one row will run into the next downslope.

  • Compiler: Eyasu Yazew
Dawa-Cheffa Traditional Checkdam

Dawa-Cheffa Traditional Checkdam [Ethiopia]

A structural measure constructed by stone/soil/wood acrross the gully to control erosion and create favourble condition for crop cultivation.

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Homestead Development

Homestead Development [Ethiopia]

Homestead development is a diverse, dynamic and interesting horticultural area; it appears as an agroforestry plot in a cultivated landscape surrounding it, and it is more productive than single cropping, since harvesting is continuous over a great portion of the growing season and beyond.

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Gully erosion management

Gully erosion management [Ethiopia]

Gully erosion management is the application of combination of practices to control excess or concentrated runoff generation in the gully upstream catchment area, divert excess runoff upstream of gully heads and control further development of gully using appropriate structural and vegetative measures in the head, bed and sides of the ...

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Rehabilitation of degraded lands

Rehabilitation of degraded lands [Ethiopia]

Activities that help maintain the productive potentials of soils through prevention and reduction of erosion, enhancing of rehabilitation rate by practicing measures such as microbasins, trench, eyebrow terrace, terraces, pitting and plantation of trees.

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Hillside Terracing

Hillside Terracing [Ethiopia]

A hillside terrace is a structure along the contour, where a strip of land is levelled for tree planting.

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Rehabilitation of Windbreaks

Rehabilitation of Windbreaks [Georgia]

Windbreaks are an integrated technology to increase land productivity and biodiversity at different levels. Along six kilometres, located between a road and agricultural fields, windbreaks were rehabilitated or newly established to protect the soil wind erosion. Four lines of seedlings including seven tree species were planted in two meters distance ...

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