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Orchard of Mangoes and Oranges for Soil Fertility Improvement.

Orchard of Mangoes and Oranges for Soil Fertility … [Uganda]

The technology involves growing of Mangoes (Mangifera indica) and Oranges (Citrus sinensis) in the same field with the aim of conserving the environment, protecting soil from erosion, and generating income from the sale of fruits.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Afforestation /Tree planting

Afforestation /Tree planting [Uganda]

Pine tree forests have been strategically planted on previously bare ridges and slopes to mitigate mass soil movement.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Zero grazing

Zero grazing [Uganda]

Stall-fed livestock production is an efficient method to produce organic fertilizers (manure) for the conservation and improvement of soil fertility.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde

Intercropping [Uganda]

Soil erosion control for annual crops in flat land using intercropping.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Animal manure use in a citrus orchard

Animal manure use in a citrus orchard [Uganda]

Application of animal manure on citrus trees (citrus sinensis) for improving soil productivity. Every beginning of season (March and August) 40 kg of animal manure are applied, 60 cm away from the tree trunk, using the ring method to improve soil fertility for increased yields and farm income.

  • Compiler: Jalia Namakula


Water borne manuring system involves runoff water driving the manure placed in trenches to every individual citrus tree which fruits through the year.

  • Compiler: Alex Lwakuba