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Participatory learning

Participatory learning [Uganda]

Participatory learning approach involves all stakeholders to cooperate with researchers during innovation process

  • Compiler: Iwona Piechowiak
Catchment Based Integrated Water Resources Management

Catchment Based Integrated Water Resources Management [Uganda]

Catchment based integrated water resources management is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources in order to maximise economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital eco systems

  • Compiler: Philip Tibenderana
Construction of trenches in cropland.

Construction of trenches in cropland. [Uganda]

Farmer field facilitators mobilized and sensitized the land users on the need to control soil erosion in banana plantations and to conserve moisture in the soil.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Peer farmers as a village resource person for scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices

Peer farmers as a village resource person for ... [Uganda]

A prosocial behavior approach, where a peer farmer identified by other local farmers is trained on a technology and then used as a trainer for the fellow farmers (farmer group or neighbors).

  • Compiler: Sunday Balla Amale
Promoting farmer innovation

Promoting farmer innovation [Uganda]

Identification of farmer innovators in SWC and water harvesting, and using them as focal points for visits from other farmers to spread the practices and stimulate the process of innovation.

  • Compiler: Kithinji Mutunga
Afforestation/Tree planting

Afforestation/Tree planting [Uganda]

Tree planting carried out by individual land users on hilly slopes to improve soil cover ,reduce wind strength , provide wood fuel & household income.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Soil pH management

Soil pH management [United Kingdom]

Acidification treatments were applied to improved pastures in an attempt to restore plots to low-intensity grazing land

  • Compiler: Tandra Fraser