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Humic acid application

Humic acid application [Netherlands]

Humic acid application is a technology that allows the farmer to supply organic matter to the soil, without supplying additional nitrogen and phosphorus.

  • Compiler: Jason Stuka
Submerged drains

Submerged drains [Netherlands]

Submerged drains are drains installed in grassland on peatsoils with the aims to decrease soil subsidence and emission of CO2 and N2O due to the oxidation of peat soil, and to maintain suitable groundwater levels in fields for grassland production and grazing.

  • Compiler: Simone Verzandvoort
Reduced tillage

Reduced tillage [Norway]

Reduced tillage of cropland areas to decrease erosion by water and soil loss.

  • Compiler: Kamilla Skaalsveen
Post-fire Natural Mulching

Post-fire Natural Mulching [Portugal]

In certain situations, the leaves from the burnt trees created a natural carpet that protect the soil from being eroded.

  • Compiler: Sergio Prats Alegre Prats
Post-fire Forest Residue Mulch

Post-fire Forest Residue Mulch [Portugal]

Forest residue mulch is spread immediately after a wildfire in order to prevent soil erosion and reduce overland flow.

  • Compiler: Sergio Prats Alegre Prats