Building and rehabilitation of agricultural terraces. [Yemen]

بناء وإعادة تأهيل المدرجات الزراعية

approaches_2586 - Yemen

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1. Información general

1.2 Detalles de contacto de las personas de referencia e instituciones involucradas en la evaluación y la documentación del Enfoque

Persona(s) de referencia clave/s

Especialista MST:
Especialista MST:

Ibrahem Abdullah


Agricultural Research and Extension Authority, AREA


Nombre de la(s) institución(es) que facilitaron la documentación/ evaluación del Enfoque si fuera relevante)
Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA) - Yemen

1.3 Condiciones referidas al uso de datos documentados mediante WOCAT

¿Cuándo se compilaron los datos (en el campo)?


El compilador y la/s persona(s) de referencia claves aceptan las condiciones acerca del uso de los datos documentados mediante WOCAT :

1.4 Referencia/s al/los Cuestionario(s) de Tecnologías MST

2. Descripción del Enfoque MST

2.1 Breve descripción del Enfoque

Pay incentives for farmers rehabilitate degraded terraces in order to face the crisis of increasing food prices.

2.2 Descripción detallada del Enfoque MST

Descripción detallada del Enfoque MST:

Aims / objectives: The main objective is to rehabilitate the degraded terraces and to protect them from erosion through the payment of incentives. Conservation of land resources should be achieved through cooperation between the land users applying local knowledge and traditional practices for soil conservation. Through this, the livelihoods of land users are improved and it helps them to continue their farming operations which helps to alleviate poverty. Through the Social Development Fund the state aims to improve community development through a comprehensive concept and to address the crisis of rising food prices. Through this fund land users receive support for their physical work. The rehabilitated terraces will later help them to improve their agricultural income The project interferes in the region through the involvement of land users (from bottom to top). To help them solve their problems, a study of the region’s problems using Participatory Rapid Rural Appraisal (PRA) and a Participatory Learning Approach (PLA) was conducted. With the participation of the community problems and constraints were identified and appropriate solutions developed, as well as priorities identified for intervention. An inventory of households was done by a dedicated team to determine the costs and the appropriate methods for the implementation process and the mechanisms used for the implementation. Furthermore awareness rising was carried out. After completion of the technical study and determination of the costs, the areas where the activities should be implemented were assigned to a specialist. After the technical study is finished and the cost of implementing for the targeted area is determined and allocated. Then Social Fund for Development office SFD appoints specialized person to follow up the implemented activities ,which usually carry out by the land users and as long as they finished the implemented activities they should receives their money (this the explanation of SDF and receivables). It should be noted that there is a lack of funding all the degraded areas, so that the SFD select only the degraded areas which are their owner unable to rehabilitate them.

2.3 Fotos del Enfoque

2.5 País/ región/ lugares donde el Enfoque fue aplicado



Región/ Estado/ Provincia:

Sana'a governorate

Especifique más el lugar :

Bani Ismail- Manakha District

2.6 Fechas de inicio y conclusión del Enfoque

Indique año del inicio:


Año de conclusión (si el Enfoque ya no se aplica):


2.7 Tipo de Enfoque

  • proyecto/ basado en un programa

2.8 Propósitos/ objetivos principales del Enfoque

The Approach focused mainly on SLM with other activities (Facing increasing food prices i.e. Money against work.)

Rebuilding the degraded terraces and protect them from degradation

The SLM Approach addressed the following problems: Lack of money for implementing terraces, poverty.

2.9 Condiciones que facilitan o impiden la implementación de la/s Tecnología/s aplicadas bajo el Enfoque

disponibilidad/ acceso a recursos y servicios financieros
  • impiden

Not enough finances available.

Treatment through the SLM Approach: Supporting land users with funds (money against work).

marco de trabajo legal (tenencia de tierra, derechos de uso de tierra y agua)
  • facilitan

The existing land ownership, land use rights / water rights greatly helped the approach implementation: Initiate all land users in rehabilitating the degraded terraces without any conflict as long as they believe of work together and with spirit team work.

3. Participación y roles de las partes interesadas involucradas

3.1 Partes interesadas involucradas en el Enfoque y sus roles

  • usuarios locales de tierras/ comunidades locales

Both gender men and women. Men have more experience and more power for work than the women. Women carried out the weeding in the field in addition to food preparation at home.

  • especialistas MST/consejeros agrícolas
  • gobierno nacional (planificadores, autoridades)
3.2 Involucramiento de los usuarios locales de tierras/ comunidades locales en las distintas fases del Enfoque
Involucramiento de los usuarios locales de tierras/ comunidades locales Especifique quién se involucró y describa las actividades
iniciación/ motivación interactivo Identified the problems, suggested solutions and determined the priority for implementation – local community
planificación interactivo
implementación interactivo Land users carried out all the implementation under the supervision of supporting donors.
monitoreo y evaluación ninguno
Research ninguno

3.3 Flujograma (si estuviera disponible)


Diagram of a series of operations related to the preparatory activities for projects the Social Fund for Development



3.4 La toma de decisiones en la selección de Tecnología(s) MST

Especifique quién decidió la selección de las Tecnología/ Tecnologías a implementarse:
  • solamente usuarios de tierras (autoiniciativa)

It is a traditional technology and still exist but it needs maintenance.

Decisions on the method of implementing the SLM Technology were made by mainly by land users supported by SLM specialists. The approach for implementation can be done by consulting and discussing it with the land users.

4. Apoyo técnico, fortalecimiento institucional y gestión del conocimiento

4.1 Construcción de capacidades / capacitación

¿Se proporcionó la capacitación a usuarios de tierras/ otras partes interesadas?

Especifique quién fue capacitado:
  • usuarios de tierras
Forma de capacitación:
  • Meetings
Temas avanzados:

Awareness campaign to increase the importance on preserving land and conserving it to avoid any damages as a result of degradation as then it becomes difficult to repair it by the land users. Finally, this situation will lead to land abandonment and emigration.

4.2 Servicio de asesoría

¿Los usuarios de tierras tienen acceso a un servicio de asesoría?

  • Meetings

4.3 Fortalecimiento institucional (desarrollo institucional)

¿Se establecieron o fortalecieron instituciones mediante el Enfoque?
  • no

4.4 Monitoreo y evaluación

¿El monitoreo y la evaluación forman parte del Enfoque?


technical aspects were regular monitored by project staff through measurements; indicators: None

socio-cultural aspects were regular monitored by project staff, land users through measurements; indicators: None

economic / production aspects were ad hoc monitored by project staff through observations; indicators: None

no. of land users involved aspects were regular monitored by project staff through measurements; indicators: None

bio-physical aspects were ad hoc monitored by project staff through observations; indicators: None

management of Approach aspects were regular monitored by project staff, land users through observations; indicators: None

There were few changes in the Approach as a result of monitoring and evaluation: Increase the target area

There were no changes in the Technology as a result of monitoring and evaluation: None

4.5 Investigación

¿La investigación formó parte del Enfoque?


5. Financiamiento y apoyo material externo

5.1 Presupuesto anual para el componente MST del Enfoque

Si no se conoce el presupuesto anual preciso, indique el rango:
  • 10,000-100,000
Comentarios (ej. fuentes principales de financiamiento/ donantes principales):

Approach costs were met by the following donors: government (Labour (Money against work).): 100.0%

5.2 Apoyo financiero/material proporcionado a los usuarios de tierras

¿Los usuarios de tierras recibieron financiamiento/ apoyo material para implementar la Tecnología/ Tecnologías? :

Si respondió sí, especifique el tipo o los tipos de apoyo, condiciones y proveedor(es) :

Money against work

5.3 Subsidios para insumos específicos (incluyendo mano de obra)

Si la mano de obra de usuarios de tierras fue un insumo sustancial, ¿fue:
  • pagado en efectivo?

Conducting works by contracting

5.4 Crédito

¿Se proporcionó crédito bajo el Enfoque para actividades MST?


6. Análisis de impacto y comentarios de conclusión

6.1 Impactos del Enfoque

¿El Enfoque ayudó a los usuarios de tierras a implementar y mantener Tecnologías MST?
  • No
  • Sí, un poco
  • Sí, moderadamente
  • Sí, mucho

Periodical maintenance is very important for terraces to protect them from degradation and conserving soil moisture as well.

Did other land users / projects adopt the Approach?
  • No
  • Sí, un poco
  • Sí, moderadamente
  • Sí, mucho
Did the Approach lead to improved livelihoods / human well-being?
  • No
  • Sí, un poco
  • Sí, moderadamente
  • Sí, mucho
Did the Approach help to alleviate poverty?
  • No
  • Sí, un poco
  • Sí, moderadamente
  • Sí, mucho

Rehabilitating degraded terraces bringing them back into production. Consequently alleviation of poverty.

6.2 Motivación principal del usuario de la tierra para implementar MST

  • producción incrementada

Increase the amount of production

  • conciencia medioambiental
  • Decrease the emigration.

Provide livelihoods (re-construction of terraces)

  • Protect the land from erosion.

6.3 Sostenibilidad de las actividades del Enfoque

¿Pueden los usuarios de tierras sostener lo que se implementó mediante el Enfoque (sin apoyo externo)?
  • incierto
Si respondió no o incierto, especifique y comente:

Lack of financial resources

6.4 Fortalezas/ ventajas del Enfoque

Fuerzas/ ventajas/ oportunidades desde la perspectiva del usuario de la tierra
Use the available resources to rehabilitation of terraces. It means:'Rehabilitation of terraces should be depend on the existing materials in the region such as stones or water, and labour).
Fuerzas/ ventajas/ oportunidades desde la perspectiva del compilador o de otra persona de referencia clave
Work together in groups strengthens the social relationship between land users, which leads to increased initiative or motivation between them. Like this they are prepared to face any damage that may occur as a result to natural crisis such as climate change or drought. (How to sustain/ enhance this strength: Legislation should be implemented because it will lead to enhance the links between the local community and raise the work together in every business. it mean: 'It should be implemented and adopted )

6.5 Debilidades/ desventajas del Enfoque y formas de sobreponerse a ellos

Debilidades/ desventajas/ riesgos desde la perspectiva del compilador o de otra persona de referencia clave ¿Cómo sobreponerse a ellas?
There are some regions which are still degraded and that have not been yet rehabilitated due to lack of financial resources
Supporting farmers to rehabilitate the degraded land especially the terraces to achieve sustainable development and stop migration from rural areas to big cities. This can be done and to through alleviating poverty and at the same time preserving the limited land resources and utilized them in a sustainable way.

7. Referencias y vínculos

7.1 Métodos/ fuentes de información

  • visitas de campo, encuestas de campo
  • entrevistas con usuarios de tierras

7.2 Referencias a publicaciones disponibles

Título, autor, año, ISBN:

Technical study for construction and reclamation for terraces in some villages, Bani Ismail's uzlah, Manakhah district. Mid-monthly reports for implanting terraces construction in Bani Ismail's uzlah, Manakhah district.

¿Dónde se halla disponible? ¿Costo?

- Social Fund for Development, Sana'a 97671449672- Social Fund for Development, Sana'a 97671449672

Título, autor, año, ISBN:

Mid-monthly reports for implanting terraces construction in Bani Ismail's uzlah, Manakhah district.

¿Dónde se halla disponible? ¿Costo?

Social Fund for Development, Sana'a 97671449672

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